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Waze Introduces New Ad Features to Help Small Business Owners

Waze Introduces New Ad Features to Help Small Business Owners

Are you in search of effective yet economical adverting solutions for your small business? If yes, then new ad offerings from Waze would amaze you.

Waze, a popular GPS navigation software app, recently announced a host of updates to its ad starter package to help small business owners efficiently run local advertising on its platforms without much hassle.

Waze Simplifies Advertising for Small Businesses

Waze Ads for small businesses

Easy dashboard access and the power to optimize ad campaigns to maximize success are things all advertisers want. And the recent Waze updates bring in these features.

The recent updates to Waze Ads Starter enable you to:

  • Pick Arrows and Takeovers to catch the attention of your audience. Earlier Pins and Search were the only ad format options in Waze. Also, you can preview all ads on your mobile device
  • Target prospects and customers using specific ZIP codes, cities, geographical regions, or coordinates
  • Implement goal-specific call-to-actions. Save for Later, Save Location, Drive There, and Call Now are Waze recommended call-to-actions
  • Run seasonal or limited-time ad campaigns. What’s more, the push notification feature will allow you to target prospects and customers after they have completed their journeys

Also, the recent updates help small business owners manage their advertising budgets. Now, the platform shows estimated campaign reach. You can run ads in Waze for just a few dollars per day with no monthly commitment.

In short, these Waze Ads Starter updates make it easy for small business owners to run ads in Waze.

Matt Phillips, Global Head of Waze SMB, said,

We know small business owners have unique goals and challenges, especially now. Nearly half of them have told us that COVID has majorly disrupted their business, so we’re thrilled to roll out new solutions for them. Waze Ads Starter is an easy-to-use, inexpensive solution that helps save time and money when small businesses need to make the most of both.

Should You Try Local Ads in Waze?

It goes without saying that small business owners now have multiple advertising and marketing tools at their disposal. Some popular advertising tactics for small businesses include social media ads, pay-per-click ads, mobile advertising, print advertising, etc.

With people increasingly using navigation tools, it becomes imperative that small business owners should explore these tools to run ads.

Though Google Maps is a preferred navigation tool for most smartphone users, millions of people are still using Waze as a navigation tool. This is because Waze offers some unique features that no other navigation tool provides.

Therefore, running ads in Waze will be an intelligent decision. Thanks to recent Waze Ads Starter updates, you can efficiently run Waze ads without hiring a professional to do the job. And not to forget, the platform offers multiple ad formats and call-to-actions to entice customers. This means you have lots of flexibility, allowing you to target customers and prospects the way that ensures success.

About Waze

Waze, a Google subsidiary, is a popular navigation app with around 130 million people using it. The app facilitates drivers/riders to reach their destinations faster, smoother, safer, and happier. The company creates practical solutions that empower users to make better choices while driving/riding. Click here to know more about the company.

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