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Your Green Screen Looks Bad. Here’s How To Do It The Right Way.

Your Green Screen Looks Bad. Here’s How To Do It The Right Way.

In my many years of speaking online I’ve never used a green screen, until last week. I used it when I was presenting for a HULU webinar. It looked great, and I’ll tell you why.

Most people who use green screens – it looks really bad.

When they move they have that “disappearing” effect and it looks horrible.

Hence, I’ve always resited green screens. Also I wanted as natural a look as possible.

Green screen

Here’s how to use a green screen and have it look just about perfect.

  • Use an actual green screen.
  • Have great lights – ensure the entire area and your face is well light
  • Don’t have a light behind the green screen
  • Don’t have on something that’s reen – it won’t show up nicely.
  • In your software, be sure you can tell it that you are indeed using a green screen. I know in Zoom you can specifically indicate to it that you’re using a green screen and it enhances the image.

That’s it.

In regard to lighting here’s my setup.

For the lighting in my office I have great natural light coming in from two big windows.

I have the option to use a “ring light” if need by.

I also have over head light, recessed into the ceiling, as any office would have.

I then also have a standard tall lamp, that you’d see in a common living room.

And finally, I have two adjustable lights that clip on to my desk. I can adjust the intensity of the brightness and I can adjust the warmth or tone of the lights as well. Not the COLOR but like should they be “sunlight” white or more like “dark yellow” white. These two adjust lights enable me to have light at great angles to light up my face.

(See the two black lights with the swivel necks attached to the desk)


Finally and probably most important, I have a Logitech Brio webcam. It’s one of the best cameras you can use.

It even has software that can let you adjust the width of the lens and other features.

If you’re NOT using a green screen it’s also important that you have a GREAT background.

A nice bookshelf and some other things can make your background look great!.

video background



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