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Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office in 2018

Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office in 2018

Technology is slowly transforming the world into a small village by enhancing communication and flow of information. The internet is the greatest contributor to globalization. In fact, almost every part of the world can now access the internet. Among the popular ways individuals employ in internet use especially in a home setting is the wireless routers. These routers enhance internet access via smartphones, tablets and laptops. In fact, due to its efficiency, most people are now converting their homes to offices and instead of reporting to work daily, they just check in from their laptops at home and submit their daily work input at the end of the day. If you want to adopt this approach, it is important to understand how to select a wireless router for your home office. This article provides some key points you need to take into account before actualizing your purchase. Keep on reading below.


As a smart buyer, the first thing you should do is construct a rough budget of what you intend to spend on your wireless router. While doing this, you should also focus on the router’s specifications. It is important to note that while routers can be pricy, an expensive router may be a quality router. Thus, depending on your budget, ensure you conduct a thorough market research before actualizing your purchase to ensure you get a quality router within your budget.


The range is the distance between the router and the devices connecting to it. This is n important feature to consider if you are to enjoy a fast and reliable transmission. Residential houses have certain dead points with poor connectivity, depending on where you place your router. For high-quality connectivity, consider placing your router at the center of the room. Where this does not work, you can seek professional advice for the proper placement to enjoy the full benefits from your router.


The router speed is defined by megabytes per second. This speed indicates how fast your router will either download or upload data. For maximum efficiency, consider routers with a speed of 150mbps or more. At this speed, your work output will increase due to the limited interruptions. During purchase, it is important to only buy from established brands that display the correct speed on the label. If you are ever in doubt, you can always discuss the correct speed figures with your internet service provider.


Before purchasing a router, it is important to identify your network needs.  Bands feature the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network bands. Most dealers will advise you to purchase the 2.4GHz, since you are only using it at home. However, before purchase, you should note that most Bluetooth devices and microwaves operate at this frequency, meaning the possibility of congestion lower signal strength is high. Worse off, if you are in a multiple level building with other home office spaces, their routers are likely to interfere with yours. To avoid this, consider a router with the 5GHz frequency band for maximum efficiency.

Wireless standard

Wireless standards include the 802.11a, b, g, ac and n. The type of computer you are currently using will dictate the type of standard you should go for. The 802.11ac, a newer wireless standard feature in smart phones, desktops and laptops make an ideal purchase for a smart buyer.

Smart features

In order to be a smart buyer in 2018, you should always try to maximize the beneficial features technology adds to wireless routers. These include video streams, phone updates and live streams via Wi-Fi. The features vary between brands so as a buyer, consider routers whose smart features meet your needs.

Security features

Working from home arises curiosity from neighbors and passerby’s who wonder what you do for a living. Out of this curiosity, some people will try to hack your system. Thus, it is necessary to secure your wireless router with the WPA2 encryption. With this encryption, you will receive secure browsing capabilities and a secure transmission of confidential information through your network without any leakages.


When working with your router, you need to be advanced in terms of your expectations with fiber technology. This calls for you to purchase a wireless router with the Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, which serve as a preparation for the future technological advancements.

LAN and USB ports

To connect your computer to the router, you will need a LAN port.  Most routers feature built-in LAN ports that are sufficient for a home office setting. However, if your computers are more advanced, consider adding an Ethernet switch. Also, ensure your router is powerful enough to accommodate the computers without compromising on speed. On the other hand, if you want to connect to other external hardware, consider purchasing a router with a USB port that allows you to connect with printers and flash drives.

Number of intended users

Installing a wireless router in your home is an economical way of using the internet in your household. This is because you will only need to make one overall payment to your ISP rather. For this reason, it is important to factor in the number of users who will connect to your router at any specific time when selecting a router. Upon deciding the number, buy a router that can accommodate the users sufficiently without compromising on speed.

Finally, based on the above key points, it is evident that a home office wireless router requires diligence in selection. In fact, this diligence should be similar to the one you would employ if you were purchasing an organizational router. If you are to enjoy your experience working from home, the above points should act as a guideline in your 2018 router selection. Make sure to always read online reviews of the popular brands in the marketbefore actualizing your purchase. These reviews combined with honest customer testimonies will not only help you in your selection but also notify you of the shortcomings the different brands have. Good luck and happy purchasing!

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