Five Important Facets Of Internet Marketing

By: Andrew Mullins

Article marketing:
Article marketing is probably the most prolific of the methods of promoting products as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you will write articles describing the benefits or your product, or comparing your product to others that are similar, or offering helpful information products niche. Your goal is to have people read your article and then click on the links that you provide so that they can be taken to the sales page where the selling is really done.

Search Engine Optimization:
There are as many methods of optimizing your web site as there are search engines (and believe me there are MANY more than just Google, Yahoo and MSN!) Search Engine Optimization is a set or series of techniques that you will be using in order to help the search engine find your site and for people using that search engine to find you as well. There are free methods of SEO and paid methods. You will need to know both if for nothing else than to avoid losing your shirt with the paid methods!

Traffic Generation:
Traffic generation is closely tied in with SEO, but not so much so that you can ignore this important aspect of internet marketing. You can have the most beautiful and nicely crafted website on the entire internet, but without visitors you have nothing. Traffic generation considered the #1 goal for internet marketers. Once people make it to your site, it’s your copywriting skills that will make the sale.

Blogging is considered a source of income AND a source of traffic generation AND a great SEO tool for internet marketing. Blogs provide backlinks to your main site or affiliate product site. They can be optimized for Google Adsense income and they can be used to convey valuable information to future customers.

Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is when you attempt to promote a product for someone else. The majority of internet marketers fall into this category. Affiliate marketers Drive Traffic to the product sales page. They inform prospective customers about the Benefits of the product and they keep in touch with these prospective customers through newsletters, ezines, ecourses and opt-in mailing lists. Oftentimes, affiliate marketers offer potential customers a bonus to clients that purchase the product through their links.

Viral Marketing:
Viral marketing is an internet marketing process in which something is spread throughour the internet. This something could be a report, an ebook, even a software product. The key is to have your name, your links in the report or ebook so that a reader as far as years down the road can click on them and record a purchase through your link giving YOU the commission. Viral marketing is by far the most impressive form od internet marketing in that you create something just once and it gets passed down the line with no more work on your part.


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