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Former eBay Manager Kristy Withers Creates $7 Million Children’s Furniture Brand

Former eBay Manager Kristy Withers Creates $7 Million Children’s Furniture Brand

By Shyamli Thakur

As the self-motivated founder of Incy Interiors, a family-run business which specializes in beautiful designer furniture for babies and children, Kristy Withers has created a much-loved brand with a myriad of furniture options for babies to adults.

A former marketing manager at eBay, Withers found herself hunting for a wrought iron bed for her son Oscar. After a long and exhausting search throughout Australia and overseas, she realized there was a huge gap in the market in regards to children’s furniture. Quick to pounce on the opportunity, she sought to bring designer furniture for children to Australia. Her parenting dilemma transformed into a fruitful business idea, which paved the way for her starting Incy Interiors.

Ever since its launch, Incy Interiors has emerged as a successful online business. From catering to the playful pop of gelato colors of the iron beds to the subtle statements made by the elegant cots, the brand is bound to suit and light up any children’s space.

In an endeavor to meet the growing demand from parents who couldn’t resist the furniture’s extraordinary appeal, Incy Interiors now offers a wide range of bed styles extending to queen size. Incy Interiors’ products can now be found in over 170 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and more recently, the USA. Now, Incy Interiors turns over $7 million annually, employs a dozen of people and caters to thousands of its happy customers.

Withers’ latest Mod Collection takes Incy Interiors to newer heights of success. The range features ‘Clove, Estelle and Albie’ bunk beds, which are inspired by the modernist trends of the 1950’s with a youthful style twist.

It’s not easy developing a business from scratch and converting it into a major success in such a short span of time. Withers was able to catapult her business to new levels. She continues to grow and expand Incy Interiors, and plans to be a firmly rooted International business.

From master-crafting children’s designer furniture to giving away tips on how to start a business, Kristy Withers has emerged as the ultimate #GirlBoss. Thanks to the flexibility offered by her home business, Withers strikes the perfect balance between her personal and professional life. She encourages those who are nervous about pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams.

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