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How Can You Secure Your Business? Tips to Improve Security for Your Company

How Can You Secure Your Business? Tips to Improve Security for Your Company

Many businesses have been victims of internal or external theft. This can represent large losses for a company.

An old popular adage says that “security is better than the police”. When it comes to your company this phrase acquires more relevance, so it is essential to create a strategy to prevent security problems, and it is as easy as following some recommendations from Oxford security experts.

Taking into account the numerous companies which have been the victims of some internal or external theft, it is worthwhile to make an analysis of how you are dealing with this issue in your business.


To detect the vulnerabilities of your business, the first thing you should do is a diagnosis of the following areas:

  • Alarm and video surveillance system
  • Private security personnel
  • Selection of employees
  • Safekeeping of accounting information

Many companies invest a significant amount of capital in security, but they forget to regularly review the alarm system to ensure it actually works, if the video surveillance system is functioning correctly, or if employees have money problems or are honest, and if the keys to the business are in the right hands.

But, it is not necessary to establish an extreme surveillance regime since many of the theft problems can be detected internally.

Authorised access

Nowadays, many companies, big and small, have implemented methods of physical and logical identification for their employees with the sole purpose of safeguarding the security of their facilities, inventory, and sensitive business information.

Considering the potential theft of computers, looting of petty cash, loss of stationery items, and theft of critical business information or merchandise, the profits of a company can be highly affected to the point of having to close or apply personnel cuts.

Dealing with security risks

The enemies of a company are not only inside it because there are external risks that can cause great damage to business operations, and that’s why security experts offer the following recommendations.

  • Before hiring a private security company, make sure they have experience and that the contract offers constant training of the surveillance personnel.
  • Invest in high-tech personnel identification systems that maintain control of those entering or leaving the company, such as a fingerprint detector.
  • Consider investing in private information security software that requires a password when accessing data such as contracts, bank account numbers, or important documents and select a small group of trusted people who will have access to this information.
  • Acquire insurance policies that can protect you in case of loss due to the theft of machinery, merchandise and even other valuable assets that are within the company.
  • In the event that your company has to transport goods via land, acquire a satellite tracking system for vehicles and hire workers that have the proper training to react to an attempted robbery.

In addition to following these tips, the importance of the proper hiring of staff must be emphasized; it is at this stage that you can detect if the employee is trustworthy and does not have a criminal record.

It is important that a constant survey is made of how employees are doing and if they have financial problems or if someone from their family has had problems of a criminal nature. This type of information can be useful to prevent future fraud.

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