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How the Top 1% of Candidates Ace Their Job Interviews

How the Top 1% of Candidates Ace Their Job Interviews

You’ve done it.
You’ve made it through the initial screening process. You’ve just earned an interview with one of the most prestigious and successful companies in your industry. As you’re waiting in the office with three other candidates, a fourth candidate walks in.
He has an interview scheduled, the same as you.
There’s something odd about this interviewee. He already knows everyone there. He’s on a first-name basis with the receptionist. Everyone likes him and thinks highly of him. Instead of waiting in the lobby with the rest of you, he’s immediately ushered into one of the offices.
Who is this guy?

This is an everyday reality for elite job candidates

How is this possible?
Candidates like these are pretty uncommon. Not because they’re so special, but because of their decision-making process. What makes their decision-making process different?

  • They win coveted jobs and promotions in the face of intense competition
  • They ask for and receive substantially higher salaries than their coworkers
  • Employers create positions specifically for them (to keep them)
  • They earn positions before they’re publicly available
  • These job candidates seem to receive preferential treatment wherever they go
    Something is going on, but what?
    These elite candidates have a very different set of attitudes, behaviors, and habits than most other employees. Is it simply because they’re better than everyone else?
    Not at all.

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