How to Earn Money Writing from Home

Life is not always the same and is full of surprises, good and bad. At times, one may need to take a sabbatical from normal work life to meet other priorities, such as growing a family, taking care of ailing parents, or seeing to one’s own poor health. All these reasons restrict the person to a home. If this phase is not tackled with intelligence, one can be prone to get caught up in the swirl of depression and self-doubt. Thankfully, there are certain jobs that allow a person to work from home and fit work in their routine. One such option is that of writing from home. Let’s understand how it works.

Internet is the starting point

If the company you have been working with is comfortable with you reporting to work from home, life is definitely easier for you. But, there may be instances when you will want to be more than a homemaker, or you want to cash your skills which are not put to use at work. Writing is passion for many, but not all are able to make it worthwhile. Thus, for starters, the internet works as a great medium to connect. There are recruiters online who look for freelance writers to get their job done. If you come across any such recruiters, the battle is half won.

Identify your skills

The world of writing is vast and prolific. One can identify a wide range of types of writing requirements such as:

  1. Creative writing
  2. Technical writing
  3. Blog writing
  4. Features writing
  5. Resume writing
  6. Academic writing, and so on.

Demand is in all types of writing. If you are comfortable with academic writing and would love to write essays, dissertations etc, you can work with websites listed at and get writing orders right at your desktop, without stepping out of the house.

Set the payment schedule and terms

Some recruiters may require you to share your bank account details; others may send you cheques at home. Additionally, there are connecting platforms online with a payment receipt feature that allows you to receive payments in your account registered with them. With due discretion and diligence, you can pick the option that is fast, manageable and easy to set up and above all, safe too. Once done, you are ready to go.

Get work and submit it on time

Taking work very seriously is the golden rule to be successful as a work-from-home writer. Other characteristics are necessary to gain success as a freelance writer. You must write well, follow instructions, do quality work and most importantly, stick to the deadlines religiously to earn a trustworthy name in the field of online writing from home jobs. All this effort will create a good name for you. The results will be in your favor. You will be recommended far and wide and your network will keep growing, which means regular work for you!

So, sitting at home and doing nothing are no longer your fate with write-from-home opportunities available around. If you want to make something out of your basic abilities like reading and writing and your social and networking skills, you can consider taking on these assignments and keep yourself constructively busy when you are on a career break or are at home due to any other reason.

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