In this world, where the internet is considered to be a boon to mankind, it brings with it many factors that term it as a bane as well. Learning is the best part of life, but at times this new knowledge can take people down the wrong path, so people must be cautious. There is no denial in the fact that the internet has become a necessity in our lives, but this necessity is not always a good one. As stated by experts, using devices to access the internet is not good for young children’s mental health and they can develop a dependency on using these electronic. Using them exposes them to many risks over the internet mentally such as seeing inappropriate content and the devices can also cause harm physically if they stay up late playing on the internet and lose sleep.

This gadget addiction among the youth has affected them in almost every possible way from being socially inactive to lacking strong physical health and it also can cause chronic problems such as depression and anxiety. You wouldn’t want to see such problems in your own children, right?

A mobile application, named KIDGY, was launched with the intent of solving this major problem for worried parents. This parental control app can limit internet usage by your kids and monitor what is being surfed by them online, so preliminary precautions can be made for your child’s betterment and safety.

This is an application which offers many features to help you keep an eye on your kids. Reduce gadget usage and make them more productive instead of wasting hours on the internet. It will also allow you to block inappropriate sites you would not want your kids to see.

KIDGY has successfully managed to satisfy concerned parents and fulfill the parenting goals they had been working on meeting. These parents had difficulty controlling their kids as the internet is a newer phenomenon and the problem never existed when they were growing up, so it was hard to identify with it.

This application is an ideal one as it offers these helpful functions:

1. Website Monitoring

This allows you to restrict the websites you don’t want your kids to visit and allows you access to the websites they visit and the time they spend on it.

2. Application Setter

This application allows you to limit or block the usage of various installed applications on your child’s device. It also promotes educational applications’ usage.

3. Calls and Texting

This feature allows you to monitor the calls and messages your kids have been sending. Even if they may delete them you will always have access to the texts sent or received and also the amount of time spent on various phone numbers, saving them from unhealthy relationships and also being able to block unknown numbers.

4. Limits the Usage

This feature allows parents to limit the daily usage of gadgets for their kids, teaching them time management criteria and remotely monitoring their progress.

5. GPS Locator

This feature enables you to locate your kids and monitor their physical presence at any point of time.

6. Emergency Button

This feature enables you to provide help for your child if he or she is facing an emergency; they can simply press an Emergency button. The moment this is done, you will be notified with the child’s current location.

All in all, this is an ideal application to meet the growing concern over internet usage and gadget addiction among kids.

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