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Madd Love Beauty Salon and Spa: A Young Entrepreneur’s Dream Come True

Madd Love Beauty Salon and Spa: A Young Entrepreneur’s Dream Come True

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Bill Gates and Paul Allen had not launched Microsoft, or if Walt Disney didn’t create Mickey Mouse? What if Steve Jobs had thought Apple to be just another invention? Our so-called advanced world would have been entirely different. So is the case of Felicia Hoskins, a transportation employee who successfully established Madd Love Beauty Salon and Spa.

It Has to Start from Somewhere 

Felicia, A Master Brow Stylist, who hails from Chicago, nurtured a passion for beauty and grooming since her childhood. Seeking inspiration from her mother who was also a beautician, Felicia would look at the happy customers and their satisfied smiles that inspired her to follow in the footsteps of her mother. She formally attended Vocational High School, receiving a cosmetology license at the young age of 18. But did you know Madd Love Beauty Salon and Spa wasn’t started just yet? Keep reading to unveil her success story.

Because Hard Work Is the Key to Success 

Due to serious concerns about job security and a stable career, Felicia ended up in the transportation industry after her graduation from high school. After working for 12 long years in a transportation company, she encountered a golden chance of pursuing her dreams when her company had to shut down.

Now, it is interesting to note that not every transportation company shuts down every other day. It was clear sign of fate that Felicia should use her valuable talent to fulfill her dream. Again she stood confused in the midst of two diverged roads where she could either use her experience to get another job easily or aggressively work towards her beauty goals. Moreover, the responsibility of her family and kids added to her dilemma.

When asked about her entrepreneurial inspiration, Felicia said, “My kids are my inspiration. Just wanting to have something of my own to pass down to them to show them that with hard work anything is possible.”

Madd Love – Beautiful Ideals 

No enterprise would rise to success without some important ideals, not merely a sentence written on a wall but a code to live by. All great firms strive hard to keep up to their name, their fame and quality. Even Madd Love lives by a code which is also reflected in their high class quality and their first grade work. Their code is C-P-R:

CONSISTENCY of the top-notch quality delivered under every circumstance.

PROFESSIONALISM of the employees and zero-tolerance policy under all situations.

RESPECT for customers, be it any person and that of the professionals delivering services. (No wait policy in function)

Believe in Yourself

Felicia had the spark and skills needed, but she always hesitated or deep down had a fear of failure. This is where most talented people kill their dreams because doing something unconventional takes courage that Felicia had; in spite of a secured job and the responsibility of kids she took the risk of starting her enterprise, and she prioritized her priorities.

This entrepreneur had always been in touch with hair styling since she was a licensed hair stylist and used it as a second income source. It was only after the shutting down of her transportation office that she rejoined school and got an Aesthetics Licence and MUA certificate. In fact, Felicia’s opening space was her very house, the place that was witness to her first client paying for the services rendered. Felicia gave all that it took.

It’s All About Madd Love

Inspired by her daughter’s name (Madelyn), Madd Love came into existence only because of Felicia’s children. She wanted to create something that she could pass on to the next generation, just like her mother’s passion had passed on to her. Madd Love is a space made for women of all ages and folds. Embarking upon their motto “taking grooming to the next level,” Felicia and her company focus on making each and every customer count and giving them an experience of a lifetime.

So, this is the success story of Felicia Hopkins who wants Madd Love to become an inspiration not only for her children but also for young women of color beauty entrepreneurs. In a bid to strengthen her support for her community, she continually gives it back to them by donating clothes and offering beauty services to women in different shelter homes all over the city. Felicia is an epitome of hard work and dedication as she dared to chase her dreams.

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