Paleo Diet Fueling Your Crossfit WOD

By: James Hamby

From jumping rope to gymnastics, from rowing to running, from Parkour to power lifting, Crossfit is about challenging your body and taking it to the next level. But in order to perform at your best and get the most out of this method of training, you need to fuel your body appropriately. The Paleo diet is great fuel for Crossfit workouts. In order to do well in all ten of the fitness domains, your body must have real food to burn. The Paleo diet provides the foods that our bodies were created and designed to ingest.

Our modern diets are built on manufactured and processed foods. The Paleo man did not eat fake foods. His diet was limited to what grew naturally and what roamed the fields naturally. He did not drink or eat dairy products. He did not eat refined sugar. He did not eat grains. He also did not ingest “vegetables” that modern man has cultivated. He ate foods that were made specifically for his body to process.

The Paleo diet for Crossfit workouts is a perfect match. Crossfit workouts depend upon the body being able to perform and function optimally. Without proper fuel, you cannot adequately take advantage of the benefits of the Crossfit workouts. If you are investing hours and hours in training your body to be the ultimate fitness machine, do not undo all that good by then putting “healthy” modern foods into your mouth.

The modern diet does terrible things to our human bodies. It causes us to be more vulnerable to illness and disease. It opens us up to attack by things that threaten our overall health. The Paleo diet helps reduce our risk and restore our good health. Inflammation is reduced and our bodies are free of the antinutrients we keep pumping ourselves full of.

The Paleo diet for Crossfit workouts make total sense. It is the best way for athletes to realize their potential. You cannot reach your full optimal results without shifting your lifestyle. We are what we eat. And when we eat unhealthy foods, we become unhealthy. When we consume foods that our bodies can easily process because they built to do so, then our health improves substantially.

Turn your nutrition around today and watch your fitness levels go through the roof.


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