Pay Per Click Advertising

By: krista frederiksen

When you look at a search result on Google, you will see two different forms of links. The ads displayed at the top and sides are ppc ads. The rest are organic search results. These search results are organic,which means they received high rankings due to having good quality content on their site. Of course,getting top placement through organic traffic is way better than pay per click advertising since you would receive the same results without paying for it. Using both methods of traffic generation would definitely ensure you plenty of exposure and visitors to your website. If you are entering pay per click advertising for the first time,it is a good idea to set a small daily budget so you do not lose alot of money. This will give you the opportunity to give a campaign a try without investing too much. PPC is a productive method of sending traffic to your site if you have some money to invest,and if you learn how to perform the task properly.


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