These Online Business Ventures Can Supplement or Replace Your Income

The internet has made a number of breakthroughs possible, including massive changes to how we live our daily lives. This includes how we work and make money for ourselves and our families, which no longer has to be confined to the rigid workplace guidelines that we know all too well. More and more people are going into business for themselves, either as a supplement to their income or as their main source of income, and they aren’t looking back.

Forget the commute, the 9-to-5 workday clock, and the unyielding guidelines set by higher-ups that you’ll probably never even meet. With these ideas in your back pocket, you can seriously set up a plan to get yourself working for yourself, rather than for someone else.

If that sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you. The internet is full of bogus “opportunities” that barely make you a profit much less provide a stable income. However, the business opportunities detailed below are anything but bogus. With the right amount of determination and skill, you can make some serious cash and leave your corporate life behind.

SEO Consulting

How much do you know about online marketing? Are you privy to things like keywords, Google analytics and consumer-driven website content? If so, you could work with one of the thousands of businesses that are striving to mold their online presence and reach as many leads (or potential customers) as possible.


Do you like to make things? From jewelry and hand-stitched clothes to baked goods and even pet treats, if you can make a quality product there’s someone out there who wants to buy from you. Websites like Etsy have created a marketplace for the craftiest among us to sell their wares, and there’s a reason why these enterprises are so successful: People want to support small, independent businesses.

Grocery Delivery

Online shopping has changed how we conduct this aspect of our lives, but it hasn’t removed the necessity for physical delivery of goods. This is also true of online grocers, who offer their consumers competitive prices, a wide variety of products, and a convenient grocery delivery experience that entirely mitigates the frustrations of an analog supermarket trip. Many people are jumping to meet this ever-increasing demand as more consumers are switching to online grocery shopping, and delivering these goods is a great opportunity for making some cash.


If you have a flair for design, the online opportunities are endless! With the help of a website like Shopify or CafePress, where you can have your designs printed on any number of things and be paid a commission per sale of your designs, all you need to start making money is a keen eye for creation. You can sell shirts, mugs and other things printed with your work, or offer your design services to companies that are in need of them.

Resume/CV Writing

One thing that many people need to get their foot in the door of their latest employment opportunity is a quality resume or CV. If you’re a master of highlighting a person’s most employable traits and you know what separates an appealing resume from a bad one, you could make some pretty sweet cash by helping others with theirs. Your new writing business can expand over time to include other categories such as technical or blog writing, depending on your skill sets.

These are only a handful of ideas, and nowhere near the complete scope of what’s out there. If you have a skill, a passion or the drive to get to work for yourself, it is attainable with the right level of determination.

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