A significant number of you have presumably observed a “We Buy Houses with CASH” or “We Buy Houses FAST” signs while driving around town. However, if you are like many other homeowners, this might be your first experience of managing or dealing with investors. Without previous experience, selling a house to home investors can be daunting. So, what are the advantages of pitching to a real estate investor?

Finding Investors for Your Property

Investors for your home can be easily found these days. During the last decade, the world has become a lot smaller and investors are not limited to purchasing in their country. This is down to the way in which we can keep in touch and of course, the internet. These days there are investors from Asia and Europe who are investing heavily in the US and UK property market. The real estate industry has now become a vast global investment market. If you are considering selling to an investor, some people will assist you in finding an investor to suit your needs as there are solid professional realtors who will match an investor to your property.

Payments Can Be Made Flexible

Many methods can be used for payment including certified funds, cash, pre-scheduled cash payments or assumption of your existing mortgage payments. The investors who advertise a promise to buy your house very quickly will be able to give you a cash payment on completion.

“As Is” Sales

There are benefits of selling your house “As Is”. This is down to the fact that the investors buy these properties to flip them. When this happens the property owner can avoid expensive extra costs, freeing them from any obligation to repair the property, which under normal circumstances would be their responsibility. Therefore, if the property owner does not have the funds to stage or repair the house, they have the option to sell to a real estate investor.

Speedy Closures

Some investors can close within seven days whereas the average closing time for a realtor is much higher. Property investors can operate this quickly as they do not need to wait for approved financing, house inspections or appraised values. This allows them to move very swiftly, allowing them to reduce the process time significantly. Property investors take a minimal amount of time to do the due diligence and financial calculations because they have proven methods to do so.

Move Out When It Is Convenient

There is one definite positive when selling to an investor rather than a realtor. There are grounds to negotiate with an investor so that you do not have to move out of the property before you sell. There is also the bonus of not having to have your home “Show Ready” for months on end waiting for someone to purchase it. With an investor, you do not have to vacate until you sign on the dotted line; even then you can still negotiate a leaseback agreement. If you are successful, you can have the equity out of the property before you even leave.

No Commission/Fees

When selling the property to an investor there is usually no hidden cost involved. When a realtor sells a property, there is a commission to be paid. An investor will examine the property they are interested in and they will check the condition of the property and do their property due diligence before deciding to make an offer.

Avoid Foreclosure

There are times when for various reasons there is a need to sell a property to avoid foreclosures. Due to the speed at which an investor can close, there is a definite advantage in considering using one. A realtor, with all the good intentions in the world, may not sell your property for months. Therefore, if you need to sell quickly, a property investor or investment business in your locality is possibly the best option available.

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