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Video Marketing and E-Commerce: Finding The Right Fits

Video Marketing and E-Commerce: Finding The Right Fits

Video Marketing and E-Commerce: Finding The Right Fits

By: David Tile | Founder @

Posted On: February 04, 2020

Video marketing is seen by many as a premium option when it comes to content marketing. The fact that people will pay attention to it for longer than comparable written text makes it key for packaging information. The fact that it’s easily shareable makes it desireable to mix across a variety of different channels, like social media or other digital marketing.

However, it also poses a larger financial/time investment than a lot of other digital marketing methods. As a result, it’s important for anyone mulling over a marketing plan in order to have an idea to get the most return on investment. We’ve reached out to some e-commerce experts for advice on some of the key topics relevant for video marketing planning.

How Do You Develop Video Content?

For our videos, we first research the keywords/queries people are using on creating. We want to make sure we not only talk about those topics, but we also include them in the description and meta data for the video. Then the video is created, edited, and posted to our Youtube channel. To get more views on the video, it is also updated to our blog, to our social media channels, and is sent out in an email campaign.

Jeff Moriarty
Marketing Manager
Moriarty’s Gem Art

The process starts with coming up with a topic. What are our customers asking us? What would enhance the information on our product pages? What do customers want to see? These questions help guide us towards the topic for the video. And once the topic is created, we then create the script. What information should we present? What visuals need to be in the video? How long should the video be? These are all critical questions that we answer when piecing together the script.

Jeff Neal
Ops Manager
The Critter Depot


What Holds People Back From Making Video Content?

I think the main thing holding people back from creating video is it’s challenging putting together quality video content. Most people don’t have the equipment, even though you can make quality video with just a cellphone. A lot of people just aren’t confident they can do it and outsourcing it can be very expensive.

John Frigo
Digital Marketing Lead


screen capture of Hemingway App example

I think that many businesses hold back on video marketing because it’s both expensive and time-consuming. Video editing is a niche skillset. Smaller businesses can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a production that will probably take two or more months to complete.

Calloway Cook
Illuminate Labs

What Does It Take To Create Effective Video Content For E-Commerce? 

I think there’s no way to answer this because content isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. But generally the best content is content that people actually want to watch. Generally, if it’s not teaching them something, offering a new idea and/or creative inspiration, or serving entertainment value, we don’t do it. The strongest video content makes people think; it gets them to engage. For example, our bottom-of-funnel video content aims to educate people who already know they want to buy a piece of pearl jewelry. We help ensure they know how to pick the best piece and how to grade and price something they are interested in buying. At the top of funnel, we offer style guides, fashion tips, and look books to spark inspiration and creativity.

Leon Rbibo
The Pearl Source


I believe the strongest video content for e-commerce companies are videos that feature people using their product (or service) to solve a problem including some actionable tips.

Hassan Alnassir
Premium Joy

Where Are E-Commerce Companies Making Mistakes With Video Content?

person taking notes

Understanding that videos are now an evolved stage of content marketing. A problem that I’ve seen with video content is, it’s sourced out of thin air and not backed-out with any keyword research. Data usually talks, and videos should be produced based off of what people are searching for. My advice is to always look at Youtube (and Google) search volumes for keywords before you decide to make a video. That way, you can have some sort of understanding on the amount of potential traffic that your video might receive, which will quantify whether it’s worth it to make the video in the first place.

William Chin
Website Consultant

I see several other stores only show the product in the video. You need to show the product in action so people can visualize it.

Becky Beach

I see other companies using poor audio, or having content that doesn’t re
late to what the customer actually wants.

Luciana Torous
Owner3 Leaf Tea

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