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12 Tips on Video Creation and Marketing from 7 Experts

12 Tips on Video Creation and Marketing from 7 Experts

How to use video to grow your business? 7 marketers got together on Clubhouse to speak about how to create and amplify video to grow your brand. This was part of the Likeable Business club, sponsored by 99 Designs with VistaPrint.

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Our experts included: Lou Bortone, Robert Wiess (who has a video production services company), Robert Kennedy, Sara McCord, Derrik Guest, Lilly Han and Ramon Ray, founder

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  1. Quick video vs keeper video – it’s important to have a “keeper video” that you use as a professionally designed professional video for your brand. Then secondly produce a regular set of “quick” videos that you might do on your own, with your smartphone, to nurture and educate your audience.
  2. Video tools – you can use tools like Loom or BombBomb to do short videos as well.
  3. Business objective of video – before you “do video” consider what is the object of the video? Why are you doing this? For SEO, acquiring leads, building your brand, launching a product?
  4. Repurpose video – once you publish your video you can then repurpose it. Use the audio for a podcast, chop the video up into smaller segments, write an article about the video and embed it into a LinkedIn post or other platform.
  5. Video equipment – you don’t need professional video equipment but can use your smartphone with good lighting
  6. High-quality audio – it’s important to have good audio as you shoot your video. Buy an external microphone and/or at least be in a quiet place.
  7. What do you say? Knowing what to say is a challenge for many people. Answer questions your clients have is one of the best ways to do it. Get comfortable telling your story, get used to hearing your voice.
  8. Hire an expert – you can do a LOT of videos on your own AND you should also consider hiring a professional to help you produce an even better video.
  9. A marketing strategy is ESSENTIAL to ensure you create a great video and more important that the video is used for the best results
  10. Personal vs corporatePersonal branding uses YOU to elevate the business of what you do. It’s not just about your logo or website. Your personal brand is about your book, your event, your video and so much more that shines the light on the solutions you provide to others.
  11. Production quality – while your video can be a simple video you upload to Facebook. You can also take the time to have a bit more production quality – intro/outro music, lower thirds, captions, and more.
  12. Batch record – you can do videos one by one, however, you can also set aside a particular day to record more than one video at a time

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