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Gaining Your Spouse’s Support While Building Your Business

Gaining Your Spouse’s Support While Building Your Business

According to statistics, over 50 percent of startup businesses fail. Often, though, we aren’t informed of the factors that may inhibit entrepreneurs from thriving beyond strategy, marketing, or product timing phases.

Unfortunately, some of the debilitating factors stem from home and, in turn, impact one’s  confidence, certainty, and power in building a business.

For example, one of these factors is a lack of support from their spouse.

Imagine a man gets home, and his wife says, “Honey, I wish you could make more time for me.” The guilt he may feel would inevitably dampen his creativity and distract him from thinking of innovative ideas for his business.

The same applies for female entrepreneurs, and it is probably even more debilitating because women are still, to a degree, expected to prioritize building a home and family. If her husband makes her feel like she’s neglecting her life for her business, then it will undoubtedly affect the quality of her input and output.

Support, especially from a significant other, is crucial to the success of a business. One should be able to go to his or her spouse and express ideas, and the spouse must provide constructive criticism in order to produce a successful business and foster their marriage.

This article is intended to provide you with practical ways to gain your spouse’s support while building your business.

1. Make sure your partner knows the vision

Many times, people will only share their idea of a product or service, without sharing the ultimate vision of how it will look, impact the community, or even affect your personal lives. Imagine your spouse randomly comes up with the idea of initiating an online agency; you’re going to have so many questions. For instance, you’d want to know how starting the business will affect quality family time or the routine you two have established. If so, you’d want to know if it’s worth it. Is it a product or service that will help others? You’re not going to want to sacrifice your previous vision of life for a business that is not legitimate.

However, if your spouse proposes the idea of initiating an online agency by saying something like, “I’m building this agency to empower entrepreneurs to get their messages out there, so that we can travel two months during the summer with our online business working,” you’re likely to be more supportive. Communication is important because, even if your spouse has the idea of a vision, but it isn’t fully fleshed out, you can help him or her further develop it. As a result, you two are spending quality time and being productive while doing so.

2. Create agreements about time boundaries

Oftentimes, it’s a lack of communication that can create a clash between your personal life and business. It is important, when starting a business, that you and your spouse agree upon time boundaries. Not only that, but both you and your spouse must be content with the arrangements. You two may agree on a standard work schedule: 5 days a week from 9-5. Both of you may agree on a schedule that involves working weekends as well. Whatever work schedule you agree on, you must stick by it, or it will create tension. Not only that, but when you are on your scheduled days off, your attention should be on spending quality time with your family. That means no computers, phones, or any devices; just connecting.

3. Include your partner somehow

Other times, the clash between your personal life and business may be caused by your spouse feeling excluded, whether it was intentional or not. You can try and include your spouse in simple ways, such as asking his or her opinion about an idea, or in ways that involve their strengths.

For example, if part of your business model is to host events every month, see if your partner loves to create graphics, take photos, or socialize with the guests. Whether it’s a small or big goal, it’ll make them feel included and acknowledged. Not only that, but any success can be shared between the both of you and make it all the more better. It’ll also make him or her more supportive of your business, because they would’ve experienced its process and results firsthand.

Other pieces of advice include being patient. If your partner is addressing his or her concerns, listen and communicate with them. It is important not to alienate yourself from your spouse, because you need his or her support, just as they need yours. All in all, a marriage is a partnership; so, you’re both part of a team and must collaborate to achieve your goals.

Cheers to your life, love, and business thriving,

The Freemans

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