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How to Dress for Business Success

How to Dress for Business Success

Looks, as the saying goes, are everything. Well, this isn’t always true, but there is at least some truth to the statement. The way you dress can definitely have some effect on your success. Sound ludicrous? Consider the way successful people dress and the clothes they wear: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Vivian Westwood. Their clothes speak volumes about the way they conduct their lives. It’s not even about the individual clothes but more about the mindset they have when they decide what to wear.

For some, like Zuckerberg, their clothes are merely their uniforms every day; by limiting the choice of what to wear they can focus on being more productive and give their attention to other problems. However, it’s different for everyone. That being said, there are certain rules you can follow to help you dress successfully, and we’ll look more in-depth at those below.

Wear a watch

The function of a watch is two-fold. On the one hand it’s a stylish accompaniment to the rest of your outfit – something that lets people know you’re serious about business. On the other hand it has a lot of practical value, too. That is, of course, it tells you the time. This means you’ll always have a prompt to help you manage your time and productivity. The amount of money you spend on your watch is entirely up to you, but it’s worth investing in a reputable brand that will hold up over time such as Seiko or Rolex. Since they tend to be quite expensive a lot of people opt to buy their watches on secondhand market places like this one.

Suit up

A study completed in 2014 found that groups performed better when they were dressed more professionally, specifically when they wore suits. What’s more, people who were underdressed – those in sandals and jeans – would defer to the people dressed in suits for advice related to the tasks they were performing. This has to do with a suit being perceived as a quintessential piece of clothing. So when attending meetings or interviews for the first time, considering slinging on a blazer – it may just affect the outcome in your favor.

Dress according to the situation

Dressing to impress doesn’t always mean wearing formal clothing. It’s often prudent to take a look at the situation you’ll find yourself in and choose attire that will lead to success. This could be anything from a job interview, to a meeting, even for a home office workspace. Dressing formally all the time means you’re not reading the situation correctly. For example, wearing a suit to an interview for a lifeguard might not make the most sense, and it would make way more sense to dress more casually if you’d like to maximize the chances of you getting the job.

As further testimony, Richard Branson, CEO of the wildly successful company Virgin, believes that staff should be encouraged, “to wear any clothing they think will help them to work most productively and enjoy their day. If that means shorts and a vest, then that’s fine, and not just in baking weather. The only exception should be places like airlines where it is important for guests to know who are passengers and who are crew.”

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