How to Grow Your Side Hustle into a Successful Business

The evolution of the internet has ushered in the century of the side-hustle.

Not only are hobbyists turning a profit on their passions, folk who might’ve taken on a second job a couple of decades back are now able to supplement their regular wage doing something they love.

Naturally, as the side-hustle comes of age, many of these ‘hobbypreneurs’ are looking to take that extra source of income to the next level. Without the skill base or experience of regular entrepreneurs, however, it can be an intimidating prospect to grow that side business.

That’s why it can be smart to step up your game little by little. It’s likely that your end goal may be to beat your regular wage (and quit your job) – but break down the journey into reachable landmarks and your morale is more likely to last the distance. These might be regular increments ($50, $100, $150 per month) or you might equate them to what they’ll cover (bills, loan payments, groceries, and that holy grail… the rent!)

Smartest of all, however, is the decision to swallow your pride and ask for help. Take steps to begin building your (semi) professional network – connect with local people who’ve succeeded with a similar project, and think about signing up to evening classes in business or in a specialist branch of your particular hobby so you can receive and share advice with your contemporaries. You might even identify a mentor to turn to from time to time – a friend, relative, or former teacher who wears the battle scars of a life in business!

This new visual guide to up-scaling your side-hustle is packed with wisdom and offers a workable plan to make it happen. In particular, you’ll want to think not just smart, but SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely in everything you do.

Make your short-term goals achievable, and that long-term ambition will edge ever closer.

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