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How to Increase Sales using Email Marketing (YES!)

How to Increase Sales using Email Marketing (YES!)

Surprisingly, email marketing is still relevant as one of the most effective tools in the digital arena. One might assume, in a world full of social media and ever-evolving platforms and apps, email marketing might have died years ago. However,as evident by the data, it is not going obsolete anywhere near soon.

In this post, we will focus on one of the most important things that “email marketing” should do – increasing sales to unimaginable heights.

However, one must understand that sales is the last part of any marketing funnel. So is the case with email marketing. First, you have to establish yourself as an ace email marketer. In simple words, you should have:

  • Enough subscribers with an adequate click-through rate.
  • A well-rounded and engaging email layout with the right amount of visuals including stock photos and valuable written words.
  • Subscriber responding to the CTAs and visiting your desired landing page.
  • An email automation mechanism in place that lets you send the right content at the right moment.

3 Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI

Once you have established a relationship with the subscribers, you can leverage that trust in your favor and skyrocket sales. We will only talk about a few handful but sure shot ways to benefit from your successful email marketing network and double your sales.

  • Killer Landing Page

At the beginning of email marketing, sending emails is mainly to get visitors to the website.

However, as you grow in the relationship with your readers, you start to pitch a product or two on the landing page. It is a crucial step because many experts fail here by being too much on the nose. Suddenly, they feel they have earned the trust, and now they can exploit it. However, the customer is brutal. If they sense they are being pushed to buy a product or service, they quickly vanish into thin air. 

So whenever you are pitching a product or service, make sure to keep a balance of valuable information along with a helpful service/product. Similarly, you shouldn’t downplay the paid service/product as it might look unnecessary. You have to find a way to make your visitor realize that they want to spend money, but it’s their decision. The newsletter or landing page should help but must not force them in any way.

  • Getting Your Potential Customers Hooked

It might seem like extra work but totally worth the effort. You have subscribers coming to the website through emails – that’s great. They are spending enough time on the landing page and doing what they are supposed to do. Now, the next logical step should be to pitch them a paid product or service. But, hear me out, give them an extra free gift first in the form of an ebook, online course, or maybe a discount code to get them hooked. 

For example, an online academy/school can offer free introductory courses or a shampoo company can offer an ebook on “organic ways to stop hair fall”. As far as you are providing legit and valuable information, you shouldn’t worry about the next step. The loyal customers, who benefitted from your ebook or free online course, will not hesitate, even for a second, to spend money on your product or services. 

To earn a lot, you have to give a lot – that’s the rule of nature and email marketing too.

  • Knowing and Segmenting Your Subscribers

Knowing and segmenting your readers is very important for two reasons.

First and foremost, you might have many services or products, and not all subscribers are interested in the entire portfolio. For instance, going back to our online academy example, some subscribers are eager to learn “Cyber Security” and suggesting “Sociology 101” will definitely not help them. The best thing about email marketing is, your subscriber tells you everything about themselves when they sign up. So you already have the information. You just need to learn how to segment it and approach it accordingly.

Secondly, you cannot treat your new subscribers with sales-filled emails or send elementary ones to your regular readers. You need to find a mechanism that can understand the level of your subscribers’ familiarity with the product or services and send out emails or newsletters appropriately. Automation can play a big part here. There are many tools built to perform this particular task. 

Email Marketing Increases Sales for Sure 

Every individual on the internet is most likely to have an email that they use daily. If they have subscribed to you, consider it as a confirmed sale – provided you keep them hooked with relevant and subjective content.

The art of email marketing can be learned with continuous effort and practice. You should remember the golden rules of producing the newsletter:

  • Creating the best possible content with an equal play of words and the best visuals.
  • Focusing on the long-term customer and brand relationship.
  • Providing free valuable resources again and again.

If you can stick to these golden rules, we are sure you will exceed your sales target via email marketing.

Ivy AttiéIvy Attié is a content manager and researcher in various stock media-oriented publications. She is a passionate communicator with a love for visual imagery and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. Her background is in communication and journalism, and she also loves literature and performing arts.

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