Sleep Better and Work Better: Which Is the Most Durable Mattress for Routine Usage?

If you’re looking for a mattress that is very durable then this guide is for you. There are various kinds of mattresses available on the market, which might make it difficult to decide on the type of mattress one should purchase. In general, there’s no mattress that’ll work for a lifetime. This is because like other household items, mattresses also have a lifespan after which they shouldn’t be used. It is important to replace mattresses periodically. On an average, you should replace a mattress after every 7-8 years of usage. A good mattress will help you maintain a healthy mindset which will carry you to success throughout each workday so you can go full throttle on your business. Following each section of this article will give you an idea of which mattresses will work for a long time without being damaged.

Mattress Durability

Usually, how long your mattress will work depends upon its usage. If you’re using your mattress for sitting, sleeping, eating food, watching TV and other activities, your mattress will surely get depreciated faster and will need to be replaced more frequently. After some years of usage, you will find your mattress to be sagged, torn or lumpy. It might be the right time to get the mattress replaced.

This is because an old and worn mattress is home to dust, dirt, termites and bacteria, etc. Hence, it is advisable to get the mattress replaced on regular intervals so that there aren’t any allergies or skin infections. We will give you an idea of various mattress types which are available in the market and can work for many years if used properly.

Durable Mattresses

Latex Mattress

It has been found by a study that among others, latex mattresses have the longest lifespans. These mattresses can be used for 10-12 years on an average. Mattresses which are made from pure latex material last the longest, the blended latex mattresses come up in second, and hybrid foam latex mattresses’ lifespan is shorter than the former two. The key reason why a pure latex mattress has the longest lifespan is that it resists better to degradation and impressions. Hence, if you’re looking for a mattress which can work for at least 8-10 years, you should choose a pure latex mattress.

Memory Mattresses

Memory foam is another great mattress which can work for many years. However, for memory foam mattresses as well, the lifespan may vary from quite short to very long. It actually depends upon the materials used and the construction of the mattress. Durability-wise, high density memory mattress is the best. This is because the use of denser materials in this mattress makes it more resistant to degradation and impressions. Usually, the density of memory foam layers varies from low (2 to 3.5 lbs) to high (more than 5 lbs).

The core of memory mattresses plays an important role in providing ample support and ensuring durability. Memory mattresses with a core of less than 2 lbs are rather softer, meaning that they reduce support. You might not find memory foam cores more than 2.5 lbs, even in luxury brands.

Nonetheless, memory foam mattresses can be a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable mattress. Memory foam mattresses can easily adjust to a sleeper’s body shape, thereby, preventing backache and pain which can impede you being able to get your business’s daily tasks done and function properly. It is important that you check memory foam mattress reviews of the store from which you’re planning to purchase the mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring is another popular mattress type which can give you comfortable sleeps for years. An advantage of an innerspring mattress above others is that it won’t hit your budget in any way. You can get a decent mattress by spending a small sum of money. Innerspring mattress are highly used by people due to the comfort they provide. These mattresses have lots of coils combined with padding which can provide firmness on a sleeping surface. Such an arrangement on the sleeping surface ensures that your back and neck pain is relieved to a greater extent.

However, since innerspring mattresses are firmer than other mattresses, they might not contour as per your body shape. This can be a bit problematic, particularly if you’re suffering from chronic pain. In such situations, it is advisable to go for a memory foam mattress which can easily adjust to your body shape and thereby offer you more comfort.

To conclude, it is important to replace your mattresses after some years. Your home business’s growth and achievements can depend simply upon how much sleep you get each night. You have lots of options to choose from when searching for a durable mattress.

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