Tips for Avoiding a Backache Whilst Working from Home

If you’re used to spending long hours sitting at your computer behind your desk, then it’s likely you’ve had your fair share backaches and discomfort; however, it needn’t be this way. There are ways of keeping the dreaded backache at bay. A backache can be completely debilitating, and since our back health is so crucial to how we enjoy our day-to-day life, it makes perfect sense to look after your back and spine in the very best ways you can. By implementing a routine of exercise, care and attention, you can keep your back at its healthiest and ensure you can keep doing your job free from pain.

Start with an Ergonomic Chair

You’re sitting in one position for hours, so it’s important that you think about where you’re sitting, and what you’re sitting in. Perhaps you’re not even aware that the chair you’re spending your time in is doing damage to your back and your posture. Get up and take a look at your seating arrangement; if it can be improved, then do so. Look at getting an ergonomic chair – one that encourages good posture and is fully adjustable in terms of width, depth, height and has supportive armrests. With the help of an ergonomic chair, you can get on the right track towards avoiding backache whilst working from home.

Speak to the Professionals

A backache can come about by having a poor night’s sleep and not getting the support your back needs in order to stay healthy. The medical sector is always looking for ways how it can improve its treatment of those in need, and Insight Medical Partners know how effective medical devices and different items on the market can be and how they can optimize health. Therefore, always look for the newest technologies available to you, as innovative ways to reduce pain and, more specifically back pain, are always being looked into.

Invest in a Good Chiropractic Mattress

If you’ve shopped for a mattress before, then you know how many there are to choose from, and weighing up all the features of each can be a daunting task, so make it easy and choose a mattress that is recommended by professionals. Contact your chiropractor, your physiotherapist, or osteopath and ask for advice when choosing your next mattress. Contact the people who know how the spine works, and how aligning the vertebrae will benefit you to no end and can help you avoid a backache whilst working from home.


This is a simple one, but nevertheless a very important one. In order to keep your back muscles from seizing up and becoming a problem, then the action of stretching and movement is important. Get up out of your chair, even if only for the sake of variety. It’s crucial to encourage blood flow to your back so getting out of your seated position, stretching and moving around will help to keep your back from getting accustomed to being held in an uncomfortable position. Complete a few squats on your way to getting another cup of tea, or do some lunges before again returning to your computer screen, for example.


Get up from your seat and throw your limbs about every thirty minutes or so; you might look a bit strange should you be caught by your neighbor, but your back will thank you. If you want to do something similar but with a little more structure, then consider getting involved in yoga. Yoga stretches aid toward keeping you flexible and supple. Yoga is well worth a go, and the health benefits are endless.

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