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Upgrade Your Home Office & Sit However You Please with Fully’s Versatile HAG Capisco Chair

Upgrade Your Home Office & Sit However You Please with Fully’s Versatile HAG Capisco Chair

With the spring spruce-up season in full bloom, home business owners everywhere are wondering how to make their offices even more enjoyable to work in. Many entrepreneurs have already upgraded their traditional desks to adjustable, fatigue-fighting standing desks, and now they’re searching for the perfect new chair. For standing desk lovers looking for a new seat, Fully’s highly versatile HAG Capisco Chair outshines all others.

Switching up the daily work routine helps boost creativity and productivity, and the HAG Capisco Chair is a versatility masterpiece. Inspired by the form and movement of the human body, the Capisco’s award-winning design features 360-degree sitting potential. You can sit forwards, kneeling, cross-legged… the options are endless. A swivel chair, stool, and saddle all in one, it offers many healthy and active sitting postures.

The HAG Capisco Chair’s plus-shaped back allows you to sit backwards or sideways in complete comfort. Entrepreneurs will also love how the contoured saddle seat opens the hips for a more active, forward posture. The seat has plenty of space in the back for those who prefer traditional seating. Eco-conscious home business owners will also be happy to know that the Capisco chair is made from 50% recycled material and is 90% recyclable!

“Studies have proven that we’re more productive if we move and change positions at least every 20-30 minutes,” says David Kahl, Fully’s founder and CEO. “When our body feels sore or stiff, it’s generally asking us to change position. When our furniture doesn’t encourage us to move, we end up distracted by our aches and pains. Changing position and moving our bodies also generates the energy we need to fuel our creativity, and help us be fully present in our work.”

Fully’s HAG Capisco Chair comes in four upholstery types: Eco Polyester, Norwegian Wool, PVC-Free Vinyl, and Paloma Leather. Each upholstery type comes in an array of stylish colors to complement any office aesthetic, such as Wasabi Eco Polyester, Burgundy Eco Polyester, and Blue-Black Houndstooth Wool. You can also select from three base colors (black, white, or silver) and whether you want a foot ring (highly recommended).

For more information about Fully’s HAG Capisco Chair, visit and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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