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Dr. Summit Shah Gives 6 Tips on Starting a Medical Practice

Dr. Summit Shah Gives 6 Tips on Starting a Medical Practice

Dr. Summit Shah is an allergist in Columbus, Ohio. His private practice, Premier Allergy, serves thousands of local patients with cutting-edge treatments like rush immunotherapy and food immunotherapy. With 11 locations, Premier Allergy makes treatment convenient for its patients.

Dr. Summit Shah is also a professor at the Ohio State University Medical School, guiding new doctors to choose specialties and work with patients. His interest in clinical research enables him to choose the most innovative methods of helping patients live with serious allergies. He served a residency at Tufts University and an allergy fellowship at the University of California – San Diego and the Scripps Institute.

Dr. Shah is committed to enriching the community. He is a philanthropist who offers a $1,000 scholarship to deserving students. The scholarship is open not only to students with interest in medicine but all fields of study.

Knowing When To Start A Medical Practice

Many doctors aspire to start their private practices. Being in private practice means less of the red tape that goes along with being part of a hospital network. However, striking out on your means that you have to take on the functions that your network used to provide for you: staffing, payroll, overhead, and marketing are only a few of these responsibilities.

Starting a new medical practice is daunting, but the personal and professional rewards of having your practice make the investment worthwhile. Dr. Shah has assembled these six tips to start your private practice and build your personal success story.

Begin With Your Experience

The most important factor in starting your practice is your own professional experience. If you are just starting out in the field, it might be better to take some time working in a network or a hospital setting before starting your own business. This can also help you build your personal and professional network of mentors.

Make sure that you are completely up to date on all the aspects of your field before striking out on your own. Your patients deserve the best possible care, and your business will flourish along with your professional reputation.

Create A Business Plan

Starting a medical practice is no different from starting any other kind of business. It’s vital to have a strong business plan before investing in your business. Carefully lay out your expenses such as staffing and overhead, your projected income, any necessary software and other expenses you might have. It is also wise to do a site study of the area and target any potential customers. Learn as much as you can about your competition.

Choose A Location

Choosing a location for your practice is a crucial decision. You will want to find a location that is convenient to other medical practitioners in your area; proximity to the hospital you are associated with is a plus. Make sure that you have quality and well-appointed space. Your patients will feel more comfortable in an updated facility. Be sure that the building has convenient parking and hours.

Hire Your Staff

Your medical staff is your first line of contact between your practice and your patients. An unprofessional receptionist, for example, will turn off potential patients and may even drive business away.

Make sure that everyone in your practice is experienced and truly dedicated to their work. Nurses, medical assistants, and interns are all equally important in increasing your patients’ confidence in your treatment. Compensate your employees well enough to make them want to stay with your practice, and provide competitive benefits.

Make A Marketing Plan And Build Your Brand

It is worthwhile to spend time creating your brand before starting out. You may wish to hire a consultant to help you design your logo, printed materials, and signage in your office. You have an opportunity to make your business stand out in your clients’ minds. Decide what makes you different from competitors’ practices and use this as a starting point for your brand.

Decide what kind of marketing you plan to do. Digital marketing such as social media is a low-cost option. Printed mailings appeal to older and younger clients alike.

Build Your Company Culture

Building your business starts with the business plan, location, and staffing, but you need to build a healthy company culture to keep your practice running smoothly. If your employees feel that they are valued, they will work harder, and your practice will achieve more success.

Your leadership is crucial to the success of your practice. Use these six tips to start your private practice and achieve personal, professional, and financial success.

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