Home Office Tip: How to Clean and Maintain a Microsuede Sofa

There’s no denying that microsuede is an excellent material for a sofa. It is comfortable and easy to sink into on a chilly day in the fall or winter, while in the summer it doesn’t stick to your skin in the way leather is infamous for. On top of everything else, microsuede looks good, and having a couch made from the fabric situated in your home office will give it a professional look. Clients visiting will be impressed by the quality of the coach they perch on, and this small element can help build trust with your home business. It creates a new dimension to any workspace or other room in your home. Its texture and sheen makes it a stylish addition to your living room furniture.

What scares people away from microsuede is the cleaning that it requires, just like every other material needs to be cleaned. Luckily the process is not as intimidating as many people believe it to be. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to cleaning your microsuede furniture so your home office can look as aesthetically presentable as possible.

What is Microsuede?

Microsuede is a very tight-knit material. It is usually made of polyester or a blend of nylon and polyester fibres. This gives it a long lifespan if properly taken care of. It also handles spills well. The fabric doesn’t immediately soak wetness, rather lets it pool to be cleaned-up which gives you more time to save your furniture from permanent stains. This makes it a great material in houses with children or animals. An example is the Carlow Microsuede Sofa.

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How to Clean Microsuede

Basic Care

The first thing you should do when tending to the material is to vacuum throughout the sofa. Use the soft brush nozzle attachment when doing this and run it over the entire piece but pay special attention to the creases between the cushions. This should be done at least once a week, but homes with animals might require more frequency.

Preventing Stains

Cleaning up spills to prevent stains is most effective when done immediately. Of course that is often easier said than done, but you’ll thank yourself later with a long furniture lifespan. Cleaning up spills to prevent stains on your microsuede furniture is a lot like doing this anywhere else. Take a white or uncoloured cloth and use it to soak up the excess moisture. It is important to use these tones and not bright colours when doing this. Bright colours or black dye might be activated by the water and seep into the microsuede, creating an even bigger issue and a harder stain to get rid of. After you’ve soaked up as much as possible you can use a warranty approved fabric cleaner to prevent a stain from occurring. These liquids will lift the others out of the fabric. Many people also use soda water for this process. Let it sit for a while before soaking up the liquid once again.

If you find yourself dealing with an odour stain or spot, vinegar is your best friend. People with pets will most likely find themselves in this situation a couple times. Complete the steps listed above, and then spray the spot with white vinegar. Vinegar will cut through the odour and effectively remove it. Finish off the process by sprinkling baking soda on top. There is no such thing as overkill when dealing with spill and stains on your furniture.


While it’s easy to clean water off of, in most cases microsuede should not get wet if possible. This means that dry-cleaning is the ideal way to go about it. An effective strategy that many people use is to sprinkle a water-free cleaning solvent or dry cleaning product onto the cushions and fabric of the sofa. Gently brush it into the fabric using a brush or a cloth. Let it sit for a couple minutes before vacuuming it up again. This is effective in cleaning the furniture while also removing any odours that may have collected due to pets or other household scents.

While the majority of the time microsuede will require dry-clean techniques, it is worth learning the micro fibre code. The furniture will always come with a tag indicating the type of solutions that can be used on it. “W” indicates that water based solutions can be used on the piece, while a “S” suggests a solvent cleaner (dry-clean chemicals). If it has both letters, either technique can be used either in conjunction with each other or separately.

Steam Cleaners

Many people wonder about using steam cleaners when dealing with microsuede. The answer to this depends on each individual case. Microsuede that has been designated as safe to use water solution with should be okay to use a steam cleaner on. The call is trickier when dealing with microsuede where chemicals are suggested. Your best option is to talk to the dealer when purchasing your furniture or check your furniture warranty. Often steam cleaners are fine to use but it is better to ask first rather than risk ruining your furniture.

After Care

Many people are disappointed to find that the softness of the microsuede is gone after it has been cleaned. It is stiff and hard and not the comfortable material that we have all grown to love. The good news is that this is just temporary. The microsuede has just been stiffened due to the cleaning agents and will return to normal in no time through use. If you find it annoying though, just take a dry cloth and “buff” the material until it is back where you want it to be. Taking care of your furniture can require timeliness and effort, but a clean and chic home office space will guarantee better moods, a higher productivity for you and your employees, and increased profits over time.

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