How To Come Up With Fresh Blog Content Every Day

By: Rachel D Jackson

Let me give you some examples of how to capture, formulate and repurpose your LIFE for your blog content:

1. Taking a Reader’s Question Via Email or Instant Messaging as Blog Content Interacting with your subscribers is vital. It solidifies the relationship building process and enhances the rapport you so desperately are looking to achieving with your readership. As a blogger/internet marketers – I get questions in every day that are simple and easy to answer, but why not turn that into a public education experience? (With permission of course) Recently, I took a question from one of my readers and repurposed it into a video blog (vlog for short) on YouTube. I addressed what I assumed to be MANY of my reader’s questions/concerns in a short 3-minute tutorial. The response was fantastic! “Rachel…I was wondering the same thing!”

2. Use Your Own Pondering as Blog Content I think. I mull. I ponder. I have a lot of questions still about the realms of internet marketing. So, of course – I am always off to write or IM my superiors and mentors…digging deep for the answers of my heart’s deepest desires. Okay, well…maybe not THAT deep. But simple questions YOU have… I guarantee your readers have as well. The responses you get should only be used by permission, but may just a short quote from their answer will suffice.

3. Give Step by Steps on Completing Tasks I find this type of content does down extremely well with my audience. If someone is following you, reading at least on a semi regular basis, there is definitely a teacher/student position here. Step by step tutorial posts also bring your blog down to reality, as many writers and internet marketers can get lost in the rhetoric of philosophical, theoretical babble.

4. Take a Video of Yourself Explaining or Showing Something in Greater Details Any webcam or digital camera will do. You can also take screen shots, or screen casting (via camtastia) if this particular blog content is a computer-related task.

5. Record a Conversation We all have conversations every day and some of these are relevant to what we blog about. Recording devices aren’t expensive and editing down a few bite sized yet applicable snippets isn’t that difficult. Of course, permission from the people you talk to is essential! Varying the method/medium by which you relay your message prevents boredom with the reader and adds spice to the look and content of your blog or newsletter.


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