How To Write Articles That Can Attract Readers

By: Ooi Hwa

The article should have a title which will lure the reader to read the article completely. The title should be valid and it should be related to the topic. If the content has a good title, the interest of readers towards the article will be increased.

2) Gathering data by research

It is necessary to use the search engines to get more references for the articles. There are a lot of websites, which provide informative contents about a particular topic. The writer should refer at least 4 sources from which the content is sourced from. This will not only help you to write good content, but will help to improve the knowledge of the readers.

3) Focus on the topic

Next step is to focus on the concerned topic. You should avoid using complicated sentences that will confuse the reader. Simple and sensible sentences that describe the topic will be a good idea. Try to avoid redundancy, and never use wordy sentences. The content must not be weird and should be grammatically correct, in order to keep the readers, hooked. It is good to interact with the readers through the article and the best way to do so is to ask questions to the readers. This will make the reader to think, and it helps to increase the reader’s curiosity.

4) Split the content into paragraphs

Instead of writing as a whole page, it is better to split the content into paragraphs. Use small paragraphs as it increases readability. A paragraph with 100-150 words can be considered as a good length. Thus, for an article of 600 words, 4-6 paragraphs will be sufficient.

5) Appropriate keyword density

Putting the right number of keywords in the right places is vital to being successful. The appropriate keywords for an article must present set as per the proper density, which is acceptable for the search engines. Usually, most of the search engines prefer 2-7 percent keyword density.

6) Check the writing format

In some websites, first person or second person writing format can be seen, but some websites contain third person writing format only. It is better to use third person format only as it is a more professional way of writing.

7) Avoid plagiarism by all means

The content must be free from plagiarism. Once the writing of content is finished, it should be checked for plagiarism. It is necessary to make the articles 100 percent original. Most of the search engines will not accept derived content.

8) Check the grammar, spelling and punctuation

When writing is finished, the content must proofread well. It is to make sure that the grammar, spelling and punctuations are correctly used. Many of the writers skip this step, and permanently damage their content. After writing, the articles should be checked at least 3 times to rectify the mistakes if there are any.


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