Technological Developments of Combining Virtual Reality and Blockchain Developments

Virtual reality (VR) has been on the market for some time but it’s drifting close to blockchain technology. With a blockchain based virtual reality platform, new trends may develop in the digital world. There are new innovative solutions in the world that have been designed through the combination of virtual reality and blockchain.

The Truth About Blockchain and VR

As the virtual industry develops gradually, blockchain technology is exploding on the market. Both are known to be exciting technologies that provoke creativity. Thus, there is a huge interest by developers in seeing if combining the two techniques is viable. There are obvious reasons why blockchain has excited many industries, and this has created interest in integrating them with VR. The elimination of a third party among other reasons are elements that cut across the two technologies. VR will allow individuals to interact and transact in a way that has never been seen before. Therefore, experts are creating advanced ways to implement blockchain technology.

Data Storage

Virtual reality content can be stored using blockchain technology. The technology provides a perfect method for storing VR data. The blockchain is more advanced than any other storage methods in the market, and many are shifting to the new storage system. VR is  a young industry that is still developing. With no set standards as of now, it creates an opportunity for people to implement the solutions brought by blockchain. Therefore, blockchain technology can become the overall VR applications’ backup system.

Control of Copyrighted Content

With the combined efforts of VR and blockchain technology, it would be easy to protect the copyright of content. For example, if VR movies were to be played on the blockchain, it would demand an acceptance by the blockchain network. Meaning that the movie creator is identified. The system will notice any attempts to download the movie that is on the blockchain. Note, copying the video from the blockchain will be impossible. To access any content on the blockchain, one has to abide by the rules set by the owner.

Project Research

In the use of blockchain, VR corporations such as intellectual, user-generated and open-source projects are allowed. It makes users work together in a virtual setting, and each development or amendment gets saved on the blockchain. Also, the contributors of these projects are updated on any changes made to the content.

“By collaborating with top-tier universities such as Imperial College London, ImmVRse intends to be a platform where up and coming VR content creators have the prospect to learn, cultivate and network with talented groups and individuals, to drastically improve the technology. ImmVRse will also help to create thousands of jobs around the world and diversify VR into many untapped markets.” – FarabiShayor, ImmVRse CEO

Academics can come together as a global team and conduct their research without having other parties view their work. VR permits scientists to store their findings on virtual environments, whereas blockchain enables safe storage of the data. Therefore, it creates an extraordinary platform for investigations and discoveries.

Combined Potentials

The two technologies create critical mixed benefits in the world that have never been there in the past. The computing and graphics power of the overall VR blockchain network can emerge to a version of the sizeable digital world. Additionally, the distributed spreadsheets in the blockchain can handle VR copyright issues before they even happen. The storage of any VR content on the blockchain will grant the owner their rights.

Both blockchain and VR are technological developments that fit perfectly in the advancement of the industry. The boundaries of the two are being tested as they are both young in their fields. However, innovators are determined to build every opportunity that these technologies can contribute to the market. As each developer takes their independent technique in incorporating the VR and blockchain, future potentials seem endless.


Gurus behind VR and blockchain developments will give users an experience that has never been encountered previously in virtual reality. The two technologies are working in tandem to bring out the perfect qualities in each other. As VR progresses, blockchain will continue to provide new fascinating experiences and chances for growth.

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