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4 Tips to Maintaining Your Fire Sprinkler System

4 Tips to Maintaining Your Fire Sprinkler System

Even the most cautious people are susceptible to accidents. Therefore, despite all one’s efforts, a fire might break out at the most inopportune time. This can destroy expensive property, whether at home or at a business. It can also go further and injure someone or even lead to their death. Every year, approximately over 10 million dollars’ worth of property is lost to fires. This all proves just how important a fire sprinkler is. However, they are only effective 95 percent of the time; the rest of the 5 percent goes to lack of maintenance or not fixing known damages to the systems. Fire sprinklers always have to be maintained and in good condition. They are just like insurance packages; to keep them active, people have to renew them without fail. Below are several tactics that one can use to maintain fire sprinklers:

1) Avoid Blocking Components

In some situations, sprinklers are blocked due to non-strategized activities like painting. Even the minutest errors such as piling boxes or stacking things ceiling high can block the cover heads of the sprinklers. It is always important to make routine checks on the cover plates and sprinkler heads just to make sure that nothing blocks them. A contractor can even be hired to constantly be the one to check on things to always ensure that all is well. The local marshals can also tell you if they are okay.   

2) Annual Inspection

Once you purchase the best fire sprinkler systems, it is advised that you sign up for annual checkups on the gadgets. A licensed technician can do these routine checkups. However, if you cannot afford to hire him or her, you can opt to go for a local fire marshal, though this may cost you valuable time. If you hire a technician, during the annual visits, all the components of the system are thoroughly scrutinized to make sure everything is working fine. This includes a checkup on the hangars, the pipes, heads, fittings, antifreeze solution, alarm devices, backflow prevention, among other technical components. The technician can also check if there are any damages to the system and give advice on what to do moving forward. The main aim of the checkup is to ensure that maximum efficiency can be achieved when a fire breaks out.

3) General Care

All technological equipment require a degree of care. This means that one should not be reckless and simply be dismissive when it comes to these fire sprinkler systems. The common logic revolves around making sure that nothing is an obstruction, for instance, a cloth or anything hanging from the head of the sprinkler. Avoiding unnecessary accidents such as hitting it applies too. Nothing should be mounted on them as well for them to function effectively.

4) Report Damage Immediately

If you have taken all the essential steps towards maintaining it and an accident that leads to damaging the sprinkler occurs, reporting it immediately will help. This quick action will prevent further damage to the system. One should not ignore even the smallest parts of a sprinkler; they are all important.

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