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From Readers Digest at 13 to Building NYC and Beyond

From Readers Digest at 13 to Building NYC and Beyond

Some of the greatest success stories begin with a person finding their passion during their teenage years. And, so it began with Westchester/NYC contractor, Michael Bordes of Jedson Company, LLC.

Michael learned everything he knows from being a laborer at a very young age.

When he was just a teenager, his father would get a monthly subscription of Readers Digest – How-to books – on construction plumbing, electrical work, and various home projects. Upon reading the books, he began helping around the house by completing various projects for his parents. By the time he was 17 years old, he was doing all the repairs on his Mother’s home. As a matter of fact, he was so good at doing the repairs that his mother no longer called anyone else for maintenance; she only wanted Michael to do them, and he did.

Before Michael started his own business, as a 14-year old who was anxious to work and make money Michael would try to get any work he could. He worked shining shoes, delivering newspapers and finally after mustering up some courage he rang the doorbell of a local mason. Michael asked the mason for a job!

The man responded by asking him, “What are you going do?” to which Michael replied by saying he would do anything, and that he just wanted to work. He went to work that weekend, leaving the house early in the morning to work a job in Riverdale, NY with a truck full of men. He had no money, no gloves, no lunch, no skill; just a wanted to work. His job for the day was to mix mortar and bring that mortar to the masons.

Noticing how unprepared he was, one of the older men working with Michael gave him a pair of their gloves. At the end of the day, he mixed so much concrete that he had blisters on hands. That day, he drank water from a garden hose throughout the day and ate food scraps from the guys he was working with. This was another lesson learned that made him realize how determined he was to be successful and to make something of himself.

By his senior year in high school, while the majority of the other teens his age was partying or preparing for college, Michael was preparing for the rest of his life. He started a painting, plastering, and ceramic tile business, and by the time he finished his senior year of high school, he had 6 employees working for him. One day, Michael was taking a dip in his backyard pool while his employees were working. His father, a NYC fireman, came home in the afternoon and saw him sitting in the pool before he went in the house. He came up to him and question what he was doing and why he wasn’t working. He was so angry that he restricted Michael from ever swimming in the pool again. This predicament set the tone for Michaels work ethic and the rest of his life, molding him into the businessman he is today. From that day on, aside from further education, he worked 15-16 hours per day minimum, 7 days, every single week.

After his start during adolescence as a laborer, Michael propelled through the many phases of the construction business. In the early 1980s, Michael completed his formal training in construction management at Williamstown University. He then launched his career as a leader and supervisor, first over independent projects such as building a house for a doctor in the prestigious Wykagyl Estates– a 73 home sub-division located in New Rochelle, New York, which has won the New Rochelle’s Mayor’s Award for Excellence, then eventually over his own team of employees and associates as the President of what is now well known as Jedson Company LLC, which began its broad range of operation in 2004.

Michael’s knowledge and expertise, combined with exceptional directorial and organizational skills, continued to present to him bigger and broader opportunities with more and more satisfied, repeat clients. His buildings projects have taken him all over the world, with the majority regionally located along the East Coast.

Whether a residential home or vast commercial space, Michael and his team specialize in completing projects at or under specified time frames, and it is his aggressive approach and exemplary product that have residential and commercial ventures in the multi-million-dollar range. At each job site, Michael maintains the integrity of a fine craftsman while committing to the business of working within his clients’ budgets, schedules, conception issues and engineering specifications. He has remained connected to the ever-changing and progressive techniques and characteristics that revolutionize building and development, assisting him on his journey building Westchester and the East Coast, one project at a time.

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