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Go Pro and Go Home: 5 Reasons a Professional Writer is Important to Your Business

Go Pro and Go Home: 5 Reasons a Professional Writer is Important to Your Business

When you make the decision to create a website or blog for your business, you have a lot of choices to make.  However, one of the most important decisions you can make will be whether or not you will hire a writer or attempt to handle the task in-house.  There are arguments for both sides, such as having more hands-on control when you choose to keep everything in-house.  However, we’ve put together a solid list of reasons you really should consider contracting the writing to a professional.

If you hire a writer, you have more time for your business

One of the biggest reasons companies choose to contract a freelance writer is the concept of time management.  Managing a blog or website is time-consuming.  This is time that could be better spent managing your business itself.  When your bottom line is on the table, there really is no excuse for poor delegation skills.

Hiring a professional writer helps to ensure you are taken seriously

Nothing is worse than landing on a page that is poorly written.  This has a negative effect on conversion, which can harm your sales. By hiring a professional, you are safeguarding the image of your business.

The freelance marketplace gives you the chance to find someone with experience in your field

Hiring someone to work in-house can take quite a bit of time.  The odds that you will find someone well-versed in your industry who also has the necessary skills to write a professional article are slim.  However, the freelancing industry is vast.  You will have a much better chance of finding the writer you need.

Conversion starts with a great pitch

The time it takes to create an outstanding lead-in for your website is important.  A professional writer is already well-versed in creating landing page content that draws traffic.  They are also experienced with creating content plans for your business that will keep readers engaged, which leads to higher conversion rates.  Your sales are your profit, and great content helps to create those sales.

An outside view could help improve your existing content

If your business already has a website and blog, then you are already one step ahead of the game.  However, an experienced writer can look over the existing content and make improvements if necessary.  While it may sound cheesy, sometimes it really is better to have someone looking at things from outside the window.  This is exactly what professional writers do.  They stand outside, assess the view, and then create a plan to improve that view for your business

All of these are solid reasons to hire a writer to handle your content.  If your business is already established online, then it is essential that you consider having a professional take a look at the machine and tell you what tune-ups may be needed.  Your customers will appreciate the effort and your conversion rates will improve as well.

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