How to Start an Online Coupon Business of Your Own

In this contemporary era of cutthroat price tags, everyone likes to save money! Whether it is the latest technology or an upcoming fashion trend, shoppers are constantly looking for deals and offers. So, if you are planning to start a new business, couponing can be a great option!

The urge among shoppers to save money while shopping will never end. There is a very low chance that your business will fail as the demand for coupons is high.

How can you start this amazing business?

CouponsMonk has inspired me based on its success on the market. I will share my ideas on how to come up with a deal site of your own.

Decide What Your Objective Is

To start any business, it is quite necessary to have an understanding of what you want to offer. The scenario is the same here. Decide whether you want to offer coupons and their offers or daily deals, which are valid for products or services.

If you think that you want to stick with coupons, you will need to use affiliate or aggregator sources and pay off a specific percentage. And in case of daily deals, you can just pay up to 50%. If you would like to have some diversification in your business, you can curate a website which offers both.

Stick to a Specific Niche

It’s not at all smart to be a generalist in this extremely competitive coupon business. You need to pick a specific market in which you want to work. This is one of the most effective pieces of advice that I can give you.

Whether it is technologies, fashion, or baby products, choose as a category that you have a solid grasp of. Once you have made this important decision, you can start the process of building a business that offers deals from this category.

Organize Your Business

Now, it’s time to become official. Opt for a business name, figure out your business structure, and get a business license. Check that the business name you’ve chosen is available as a website domain. It should not have already been already been trademarked as that can put you in hot water on a legal basis.

Strategize Your Website and Buy Web Hosting

Get technical and come up with a website which can be used by users flawlessly. Its layout should be clean and must possess simple navigation.

Next, you should choose a domain name and web hosting services. You may think that using free ones will save you a lot of money. Most of the time, it is not worth it. The website will look unprofessional and in consequence will not attract customers.

Construct the Website

When it comes to building a website, you should guarantee that it is easy to use, as a well-structured website will bring in income. You must include a privacy policy for users to refer to. The website should be impeccably responsive, as users will be using multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) to explore it.

Include a Sign-Up Option

You are going to offer coupons for free, so it needs to be on a membership basis or targeted list. One of the simplest and most effective approaches is through email marketing to potential consumers. You will be able to email exclusive discount offers to your list.

Register for Daily Deals

Before you opt for any coupon program, make sure that you review the rules and guidelines cautiously. A few superb options are CentsOff,, Brandcaster, Savings DealPro Network, etc. You can suggest various saving apps like Ibotta, Swagbucks etc. to your customers and possibly receive referral payments.

Market the Business

A business is not a business without marketing! Don’t think that because you are offering free coupons to people for shopping frugally, they will make the first move to find you. There are already many deal sites on the web. You have to be competitive!

Yes! SEO can be helpful. However, it’s not there to do everything for you. Generate a master plan for online marketing and reach out to the right target markets. Don’t forget to include social media and offline marketing strategies in your planning.

It is definitely not impossible to come up with a wonderful deal site and establish a consistent revenue stream. Some perseverance, determination and consideration of the aforementioned tips will do wonders.

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