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Social media management for hotels on Twitter

Social media management for hotels on Twitter

As the weather gets warmer, your customers are starting to research, plan and book their trips for spring break. If you own a local hotel, inn or bed and breakfast, you should be warming up to the idea of using social media platforms like Twitter to connect with potential customers this time of year. People might be looking to ski, surf or just spend time with their families, and you can be the place that hosts them while they embark upon their adventures. The right social media management tools for hotels make it that much easier to connect with guests.

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4 ways for hotels to use social media management tools

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature, you can find Twitter users who are looking for a business like yours. By searching for and participating in relevant conversations with these four social media management tools, you have the opportunity to make this spring break season your best yet.

  1. Spring clean your Twitter profile.
  2. Brainstorm search terms.
  3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search.
  4. Start a conversation to connect with potential guests.

Try these Twitter tips to welcome new guests to your hotel this spring season.

1. Spring clean your Twitter profile

Before engaging in any conversations on Twitter, you’ll want to make sure that your business’ Twitter profile is polished and professional.

Users only want to interact with brands and businesses with a professional presence.


Use your logo as your profile photo, upload a great cover photo, write a compelling description of your business in your bio, and update any necessary information like your location and contact information. You also should make sure that you’ve tweeted a fair amount of times (with great photos) and retweeted others in your local area or industry to create a feed on your profile that’s both appealing and relevant.

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Check out Hotel Blue in Lewes, Delaware. They have great profile and cover photos, a compelling bio, and a varied and interesting feed.

Once your profile is all set up, you’re ready to start finding tweets and reaching out to new potential guests.

2. Brainstorm search terms

Before you start searching for tweets from potential guests to start up conversations, you’ll want to identify what your goals are and how you’re going to reach out to new customers on the platform. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your typical guest?
  • What kinds of conversations will they be engaging in on Twitter?
  • What kind of spring break atmosphere does your hotel cater to?

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Then, you’ll want to think about what will happen after you start a conversation. Yes, you’ll ultimately want to invite that potential guest to book a stay with your business. But sometimes, a conversation is all you need to get some new eyes on your brand and keep your hotel top of mind when people start thinking about their spring break plans.

Let’s say you run a cozy, family-friendly B&B near Steamboat Springs, a popular ski spot in Colorado. You might want to find tweets that contain terms like “family vacation,” “ski trip” and more localized tweets with hashtags like #skisteamboat and #steamboatCO.

Or, maybe you run a colorful, beachfront hotel in Miami, Florida. You’re looking to bring in college spring breakers, young couples and friend groups, so you might look for tweets containing the terms “ready for spring break,” “spring break countdown,” or #springbreak19 and #goingtoMiami.

Searching terms and hashtags will really help you narrow down your audience and get right to the people who are looking for accomodations like yours.

3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Once you’ve determined what kinds of words and phrases are likely to be used in tweets from your target audience, head to Twitter’s Advanced Search page to start finding tweets that you can interact with.

This social media management tool allows hotels to search by keyword, hashtag, date and location  to find exactly what you’re looking for. Read more about using Advanced Search from Twitter.

4. Start a conversation to connect with potential guests

When you locate a tweet from a user that appears to fit your target demographic, reach out and introduce your business to this potential new guest.

Remember, Twitter users are on the platform to engage and interact with other users, businesses and brands — but the conversation has to feel natural, not forced or salesy.

Now, you’ve found the perfect tweet — a user tweeting about her hopes and dreams for the perfect spring break — and you’re ready to chat with them. Here’s the process you should follow:

  • Start a conversation.
  • Ask questions that interest the user.
  • Establish rapport.
  • Invite them to come and stay at your business for an unforgettable experience.

All of this will serve to leave a lasting impression with that potential customer.

Even if the person you engage with on Twitter doesn’t immediately book a stay at your hotel, they might just click to your Twitter profile, check out your website and look at what your hotel has to offer. And, their followers will see your brand name within their conversation with you.

These conversations help get new eyes on your brand and showcase your business to those who would have otherwise never heard of your hotel.

You can see that by reaching out and engaging in conversation on Twitter, you’ll add more users to your online community and stay top-of-mind with travelers.

Time to get tweeting to bring in those spring breakers!

Get social

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