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Twitter best practices for entertainers

Twitter best practices for entertainers

A lot of people don’t get Twitter — or even social media — especially when trying to grow their business or brand. In some cases like entertainers, the brand and the business are the individual.

Why is Twitter a good social media marketing platform to use for entertainers? To answer that, let’s look at some Twitter best practices for entertainers like comedians, actors and musicians, especially with promoting their next gig or project.

Why should entertainers use Twitter?

Twitter is a large social media platform that has 335 million users all over the world. This means there’s a lot of people with different types of interests, including what they choose for entertainment. Even with that many users, here are other reasons for entertainers to choose this channel and examine Twitter best practices.

  • Most users on Twitter are using it on a mobile device. In fact, 80 percent of Twitter users are on a mobile app.
  • Forty-two percent of Twitter users access Twitter every day.
  • Most Twitter users are searching for something. Seventy-four percent of Twitter users are looking for news.
  • Eighty-five percent of small businesses on Twitter, use the platform for customer service.
  • Twitter is a platform that shows content in real time and is perfect for live-streaming events. In fact, in third quarter of 2017, Twitter live-streamed more than 830 events.
  • Twitter has proven to help influence consumer buying. A Nielsen study found that a quarter of new vehicles purchased in the U.S., the buyers said that they had been influenced by an advertisement on Twitter.
  • Twitter users tweet a lot — more than 500 million tweets sent per day.
  • Twitter users are young. About 37 percent of Twitter users are between the ages 18 and 29.

Many of these stats are impressive and should be enough to persuade any entertainer to use Twitter for managing their online presence. Now, this article isn’t to deter anyone from using other social networks, but Twitter is not to be snubbed, especially when a lot of actors and other entertainers are already on Twitter.

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Some general Twitter best practices for entertainers

With Twitter, a lot of people think that numbers are everything, but quality followers are the key to success for every Twitter user, including entertainers. If the goal is building a massive following, then do so. But the risk is that your account is filled with people who probably won’t engage in conversation or add value to your following. It’s just a bunch of useless fluff.

However, when you’re trying to build a loyal and active following, you need to follow Twitter best practices that include a social media plan that has clear goals, finding the right audience and focusing on value.

These followers are the ones you’ll interact with, the ones who will buy your product or tickets to your events, and could even lead to more jobs.

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Make it clear on what your goals are

Stats are wonderful to have, but if you’re looking to direct the attention of your followers to something specific, and do something, then that should be your goal. Return on investment, or ROI, is about gaining something. On Twitter, it could be engagement, likes, clicking on links to buy things, video, and even sharing (retweeting) your tweets. If you don’t know what you want people to do, then you need to take some serious time to think about your goals for your Twitter handle.

Find the correct target audience

If you’re reaching out to everyone, not everyone knows you, and not everyone is interested in what you do. In terms of Twitter best practices, reach out to colleagues and potential companies that could end up giving you your next gig, venues that you’ve performed at, and influencers or news sources that talk about your niche.

Once you’ve found the correct audience, make sure you really reach them by delivering content that they can connect with.

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is not targeting the correct audience.

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Show people why you matter to them

People follow those they like and can relate to.

As an entertainer, your uniqueness is what sets you apart from other entertainers.


For example, the actor David Spade shares a bit of his work life and many of his tweets are hilarious, while actor John Cleese still brings Monty Python humor to his Twitter followers. In fact, if you aren’t certain of your uniqueness or what you can bring to the table, try a brand personality quiz.

Putting it into practice

All three of these are Twitter best practices and a foundation for every small business owner or entertainer. But there are some other general Twitter best practices that are important. Here are some general quick tips to help you manage your followers, as well as help when you want to market to them.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are handy, especially if with organizing your followers. From there, you can find it easier to find who you want to target your tweets or marketing campaign.

Fill out your profile

People need to know who you are. Make sure you include a photo (this is a great chance to use those headshots you just invested in), write a short bio that shows who you are in a few sentences, and include your official website.

Editor’s note: Don’t have a website yet? Let GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder help! With the pre-built templates, it’s easy to find the perfect one to help you shine.

Post at peak times

Yes, there are actual times that work best when trying to reach out to as many people with your tweets. On average, you’ll want to aim for Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Want the best engagement? Go for Thursday at 1 p.m.

Cross-promote your website and other social handles

It is OK to tell people that you have a Facebook page. You will never use Facebook and Twitter the same way, so followers might eat up the more in-depth content you share on Facebook from time to time.

Don’t measure your growth against other entertainers

Each entertainer has their own goals, schedules and might even have a slightly different target audience. If you get caught up on another’s following, you’ll miss out on all the opportunities and awesome fan messages that you earned. Measure your success by engagement.

Use very few hashtags

Excessive hashtagging is not needed and can look unprofessional. It also destroys the purpose of what a hashtag is for: searching specific terms. For example, the hashtag #EqyptStation was about a Paul McCartney album, which became a top album on the Billboard 200 charts. Here’s a use of it from the comedic actor and television night show host, Jimmy Fallon:


Congrats, @PaulMcCartney!! #1 Album!! We love you! #EgyptStation

— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) September 17, 2018

If you need any other tips, then here’s how to get more Twitter followers for your business, which could also be handy for entertainers.

Breaking down Twitter best practices

Not all tricks in social media marketing work for every type of entertainer. Here are some extra Twitter best practices geared toward different types of entertainers. Some actors can be comedians, but some comedians only do stand up comedy gigs. So, as an example, somes comedic actors won’t ever perform in a comedy club.

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Twitter best practices for actors

  1. Connect with other actors.
  2. Search for trends or hashtags on Twitter that are related to what you do and use them if necessary. For example, some popular hashtags like #actorslife, #acting, and #setlife reach quite a few people.
  3. Engage with fans from time to time.
  4. If you’re an actor on a network or cable show, and if permitting, try live tweeting while using the show’s hashtag. This might bring in more fans.
  5. If permitted, do film short video for the things that happen behind the scenes.
  6. For people who are important in your industry, turn on notifications so you can follow them. It could lead to your next casting call or job.
  7. Remember that your tweets reflect who you are, so if you’re always angry or showing things that you regularly wouldn’t like people to see, it’s probably something you should avoid doing. Make sure you tweet what aligns with your personal branding as an actor.

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Twitter best practices for comedians

  1. Tweet during events. You can schedule tweets to publish at a specific time, to keep up with your comedy routine. You can also tweet before, or after the event.
  2. Search for trends on Twitter and add humor if it needs to lighten up. There’s always something trending on Twitter. The platform is geared around the here and now, so sometimes, you could gain followers by jumping in with something witty.
  3. You should be following other comedians or actors that have more followers than you, venues that you perform with, followers who retweet your content a lot, companies, or people in the industry that could be a potential future gig.
  4. Make sure to share your successes so people and companies are seeing you thriving. Don’t brag. Make sure these success are real things, like being awesome while headlining a show.
  5. Be willing to reach out to other comedians and actors when they are doing well. Some of them will eventually remember when you were publicly congratulating them and be kind enough to help you out later on.
  6. If you have a great audition, send a tweet to a casting director to thank them for things like their advice or the time they spent.
  7. It’s OK to tell jokes and ask people to retweet if they find that your tweet is funny.
  8. You’re a comedian, so be funny when you can. Sure, you might have a serious side, but if you’re building a brand around being a comedian, the majority of your tweets should aim to make people laugh.

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Twitter best practices for musicians

  1. Share your music or progress of a music project. Whether you like to do covers for other bands or have your own music, people like to see and listen to that.
  2. Tweet during events. Take short videos and quick photos at concerts, whether it is with fans or behind the scenes.
  3. Follow other artists and bands, and their fans, in the same music genre that are doing it better than you on Twitter.
  4. Follow record labels, concert venues, and influential music news resources that could help your career.
  5. Reach out to other musicians in your genre that you like and discuss their latest works. It might lead to a collaboration down the line.
  6. Promote your shows! If you don’t tell people, then how in the world will they know where you’ll be playing?
  7. Ask fans to share when you’re going to appear.
  8. Occasionally do a free online show. You can do that with live streaming software.
  9. Tell people where you sell your music online.

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Now you’re ready to tweet to your fans!

In summary, when it comes to promoting an online presence for entertainers, it’s important to remember to be patient, passionate and persistent. It will take a while to grow your following, so patience is necessary — it’s not something that happens over night.

A lot of times, you can learn from watching more influential celebrities in your niche.

They have mastered how to use social media. Of course, some at their level may even have more than one person managing their social handle. But as a smaller business owner, you can learn what is needed. In fact, if you build a great relationship with them, they might divulge a tip or two.

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