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3 Basic Rules for Managing Multiple Airbnb Accounts

3 Basic Rules for Managing Multiple Airbnb Accounts

Airbnb businesses have turned out to be quite popular these days and many people are using their potentials to gain out of this business opportunity. Though there are plenty of other business sites that rent out a property as part of their business venture, this particular platform has garnered widespread attention and reach as it is easy to use, convenient and provides for the best stay for the guest.

Airbnb has its rules and regulations which help run the whole system effectively without any faults. It needs to be understood that Airbnb requires one to use only a single account for operating different activities on the website. However, managing a bunch of listings or running an Airbnb management company will require you to cope with multiple accounts.  It is quite possible to manage multiple Airbnb accounts if you put in some effort.

Check the regulations and secure your accounts

It is advisable that you manage only a single account if you are an individual host and not operating as a company. If you are using Airbnb to list properties with different target audiences, using one Airbnb account is a bad idea. In order to prevent any sorts of problems or issues in the situation where you have multiple accounts to manage, you should be careful to handle them wisely. When you have multiple accounts and you make use of the same IP address to log into all of your accounts, then Airbnb will recognize them and ban all your accounts. Check the Airbnb regulations for your area beforehand in order to be familiar with the rules you need to comply with while hosting. Also, you need to be able to respond to guests’ questions and comments immediately so that your account will stay active.

Offer professional customer service or use a third party’s help

Many hosts with multiple Airbnb accounts fail to check multiple accounts as they are not able to follow conversations from multiple sources. Most of the time, it is hard to identify which account you carried on a conversation with and this can lead to a lot of confusion. If you are not sure how to manage multiple accounts at one time, then the best thing to do is to hire an Airbnb management company that will act on your behalf.

This kind of service would reply to all of the queries that a guest may have with regard to your property. If you lack the time and do not want to spend a whole day replying to queries then you can very well choose over this sort of service. The property management company would ensure to keep your account functional and would also prevent it from getting banned as they are well aware of the nuances associated with it.

Use a vacation rental software

Using software for answering all property related questions in your multiple Airbnb account would be the best thing to do as it would help you to cater to the needs to the queries of the guest almost immediately. Many people with multiple accounts do not reply to the client right away and thereby miss their chance of getting the opportunity. Besides, it also negatively influences their Airbnb search ranking. When professional software is used, there would be an automated response line made to the guests, which would keep them interested in the property. Apart from this functionality the software of this kind usually offers bookings and calendar management. Those will also ease your hosting activity.

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