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3 Ways Dropshipping Helps You Spend Less and Sell More

3 Ways Dropshipping Helps You Spend Less and Sell More

As small and medium sized business owners, we are always concerned with making sure we can deliver goods in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’ve recently partnered with, one of the world’s leading B2B global e-commerce platforms, and together, we’re going to help you understand the benefits of dropshipping for your business.

In its simplest terms, dropshipping is when you move goods from the manufacturer directly to your customers! This is going to save time, money and headaches, as you eliminate intermediate distributors and all the costs and logistics associated with that.

travel less. sell more.

The ability to ship well-sourced goods to your clients without having to make multiple stops along the way is an ultimate time saver. Plus, with features that offers, like Virtual Reality Showroom, True View and LIVE, you’ll cut down on the need to travel to vet goods in person. Right now, this is an invaluable benefit, as international travel is still filled with uncertainties.


But most importantly, eliminating worries by having a drop shipping system that addresses On-Time Delivery Service* and trade assurance with comprehensive technical support that can be seamlessly integrated into your present sales platform – this is priceless.

Let’s have a look at some of the main problems we can solve with Dropshipping.

* On-time Delivery service is applicable on select products only and subject to Terms & Conditions.

Dropshipping Increases Access has a comprehensive, global reach to a huge selection of goods at competitive prices. This kind of direct access is something that small businesses don’t usually have. Not only does this directly increase your profitability by offering you goods and supplies at wholesale prices, but you can also pass this savings directly on to your customers. Truly, this is a game changer.’s Elite Partner Event (EPE) program is designed to build trust between global suppliers and buyers. With the uncertainty of the pandemic cancelling trade shows and other in-person communications, EPE offers buyers access to partnership with the latest and best technology from up-and-coming reliable brands. Providing buyers with selected and verified suppliers with solid brand, production, and supply chain capability brings the benefits of competitive pricing, minimized risk and reassurance, and that equals business success!

Dropshipping Creates Variety

Dropshipping of this capacity offers you a tremendous variety of goods without the need to travel or attend trade shows. As we mentioned before, the ability to remotely access vetted goods on this scale offers a level of safety and convenience that opens up endless possibilities.
We’re talking consumer electronics, lighting & electrical equipment, fabric & textiles, beauty and personal care, sports, toys, hobbies, crafts, food & beverage… and the list goes on…

Dropshipping Improves Efficiency’s dropshipping capability includes some pretty amazing features!

One-click product import eliminates the need for manual product entry and updating.

Automated processing of payments integrates seamlessly into your existing payment system.

Order fulfillment and shipment tracking for dropshipping increases the overall quality of your customer’s experience. And when your customer is happy, you’re happy.

spend less. sell more.

With better experiences and less time consuming, more reliable dropshipping services, makes global sourcing efficient and easy to use for small and medium sized businesses, all while helping you to obtain a higher quality and greater variety of goods.

Better experiences all around means improved quality of life for you and your customers, and who doesn’t want that!


Spend Less. Sell More. That’s business.


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