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4 Tips to Improve Your Blog-Writing Skills

4 Tips to Improve Your Blog-Writing Skills

Now more than ever, professionals serious about diversifying their business portfolio need to bolster their writing skills. Indeed, nearly every business owner regardless of industry maintains a blog, and being able to take on the responsibility of managing your website’s blog is a fantastic way to gain authority in your industry. Furthermore, learning to write more effectively is a skill that translates to all aspects of life, from forming cogent emails to writing long-form reports. With all that in mind, here are four tips to improve your blog-writing skills:

First Drafts Should Be Fearless

One problem many neophyte writers run into is attempting to be perfect the first time through an assignment. If you’re going to improve your writing ability, you need to power through first drafts without concern for correct style, punctuation, or grammar. That might sound counterintuitive, but it’s all a part of a greater process. First drafts have always been messy (they’re called rough drafts for a reason, after all.) So whether you’re setting out to write the next great American novel, or a blog extolling the merits of a new line of culture vessels –– don’t be afraid to make mistakes the first time around.

Edit Edit Edit

Writing is hard work. It’s not something that you can perfect after a few days or weeks. Indeed, only through many years of practice can one attain a real sense of comfort behind the keyboard. And even then, errors are bound to occur from time to time. Take heart from the fact that journalists and professional writers make mistakes just like everybody else. However, don’t ever feel complacent. Edit your work at least twice before you publish it, and if possible, let someone else run the rule over it as well. An extra pair of discerning eyes can be vital to a young writer’s development.

Embrace New Opportunities

The best way to improve your writing skill is to write a ton. (Sage advice, of course.) Look for chances to write as a freelancer and never say no to a paycheck for blog writing — no matter the content. The mark of a good writer is conquering a subject they don’t fully understand.

Stay Active

While it’s important that you maintain a busy schedule, it’s also vital that you focus on active voice in your writing. The verb is the powerhouse of the sentence. It moves people across rooms and introduces change. Always pick your verbs carefully, and make sure to avoid passive voice when you can. It’s preferable to use active voice in nearly every instance. Do that, and your sentences will take on greater power and meaning.

Becoming a better writer will certainly help you grow your home-based business. The improved writing will be apparent in the newsletters sent out, press releases shared, email correspondences, marketing copy, and social media posts you upload. It can even help spur a solid side hustle. Take note of these tips to develop a skill necessary for many personal and professional circumstances.

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