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4 Tips to Keeping Your Private Information Safe During Your Next Move

4 Tips to Keeping Your Private Information Safe During Your Next Move

We all find ourselves in situations where we have to move, either for work-related reasons or otherwise. Such situations require us to also change our USPS address temporarily so as to keep life moving on as usual. However, given that such a change in address is done online, there is a risk that hackers can hijack the process and mess you up. Imagine a hacker hijacking your address change process and redirecting your mail to a different address? That would be catastrophic, right? To help you stay safe, here are 4 tips to keeping your private information secure during your next move.

1. Install anti-malware software

Malware is one of the methods that hackers use to steal information from personal computers. They are usually disguised as email, photos and downloadable files. That’s why before you start the address change process, install an anti-malware software. If possible, purchase an anti-malware software since most of the free ones might not be as effective in protecting your private information in case of an attack with an advanced malware. Remember your personal information that can be used to make fake credit cards and land you in trouble with the law is worth more than a couple bucks that you will spend purchasing anti-malware software.

2. Update the operating system

We all hate those constant operating system updates that keep popping up when working with a PC. However, if you want to stay safe while changing your address, it is important that you take those updates seriously. That’s because they come with security features that help protect your computer from viruses. In essence, when your operating system is up to date, you can change your address comfortably without worrying about hackers. It may not be the most effective protection, but it can help.

3. Secure your wireless network with a password

One of the techniques that hackers use to attack computers and steal personal information is through Wi-Fi networks. To stay safe in the process of an address change, secure your network with a password. If you are sharing your network with other people, ensure that it is encrypted and hidden. This can significantly protect your private information from hackers who might be preying on networks within your locality. Securing your network is probably the most important step you can take when changing your address on, the USPS platform for address changes.

4. Turn off your computer after changing your address

Hackers are not always perfect in their ways, and most of the time they use trial-and-error when launching an attack. That’s why you should deny them the luxury of time when changing your address. After you have visited the USPS site and successfully changed your address, quickly log off your computer. This way, any hacker making attempts on your system will hit a dead end. Of course, you have to combine this technique with the other tips discussed above such as having a good anti-malware software. It’s all about making the attackers’ job as hard as possible.

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