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5 Offline Branding Elements You Need to Succeed Online

5 Offline Branding Elements You Need to Succeed Online

Throughout the last few years, companies have shifted their marketing towards online campaigns such as content creation and social media marketing in order to reach an increased number of prospective customers. With more than 3 billion people using the Internet across the globe, it’s become the ideal avenue for marketing.

But, there are also plenty of offline techniques that are useful in growing and supporting your company’s brand. In fact, your company will see the most success by using a multi-faceted approach that includes both online and offline marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 offline branding elements that you need in order to boost your online success.

1. Networking

While there are all sorts of online networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, there is nothing better than a direct face-to-face connection. Networking in person is a highly valuable form of networking and if done right, can drive traffic to your company’s website and social media pages.

Putting a face to a business’ name creates deeper trust and loyalty. While it’s much easier to network online via text and phone calls, don’t discount the importance of in-person connection building and networking.

Spend time branding your business at trade shows and local business events. This allows you to not only connect with potential customers; you can also interface with other business owners who may prove to be useful partners in the future.

2. Attend Speaking Engagements

Kick in-person networking and connection building up a notch by participating in speaking engagements. TED Talks and other similar events are extremely popular nowadays. Speaking engagements are a huge marketing opportunity. These engagements place you in front of an interested and highly targeted market that is already willing to pay attention to what you have to say. These engagements make building hype and interest around your talk super easy.

Another benefit of speaking engagements is that they not only put a face to your company’s name but they also help to build credibility. We all know that anyone online can say that their product or service does this or that. But, with an in-person speaking engagement, you can provide actual proof that your offering does exactly what you say it does.

The best part is that speaking engagements are in-person events but they can be broadcasted around the world. Online streaming allows you to not only speak to the audience in front of you but an endless audience that may also tune in online.

3. Don’t Forget About Direct Marketing

These days are all about emails, flash sales, and social media posts. While digital direct marketing is extremely beneficial in retaining customers while also making new leads, it’s important to also put some of your marketing dollars towards offline direct marketing.

The bottom line is that we all still send and receive mail. Offline direct marketing can produce great results if done right. Since so many people are used to getting spam advertisements in the mail, yours need to look professional and attention-grabbing.

One of the best ways to make your direct marketing efforts successful is to use personalization. Send flyers that use a recipient’s name. Buy stamps online and stamp each mailer with your company’s logo. Include personal statistics that show how your offering is beneficial.

4. Print Publications & Advertisements

Aside from direct marketing mailers sent to potential leads, you’ll also want to pay attention to other print publications. While these won’t give you the backlinks and other SEO benefits that you’re used to, print publications are still highly valuable in boosting brand visibility and awareness.

If you’re able to land your company’s name in a notable industry magazine or journal, your expertise and professionalism is on full display.

Of course, as you’re selective online when it comes to guest posts and choosing a brand influencer, you also want to pick and choose the publications that your company’s name is printed in. Ensure that the publication is within your industry and is widely read by your target audience.

5. Business Cards

It’s well worth investing in quality business cards that you can hand out to your employees. Having business cards handy is one of the easiest and most traditional ways of spreading information about your company and what you offer to the community.

Business cards should include your company name, logo, as well as pertinent contact information such as address and phone number. Of course, don’t forget to add your website and maybe even your social media handles if there’s room.

Passing out business cards increases brand awareness and can also drive traffic to your website and social media pages.


In a world where everything is based online, it’s easy to forget about the importance of offline branding and marketing. To ensure that your approach to marketing is well-rounded, keep these 5 offline branding elements in mind to position your business for optimal levels of success both on and off the web.

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