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5 Ways to Build Your Business Around Your Life

5 Ways to Build Your Business Around Your Life

Having been an entrepreneur for 25+ years and running three businesses, I am often asked, “How do you have time for anything but work?” In those 25 years, my answer has not changed. I always respond with the idea that my business does not run my life, I run my business around my life.

Do you remember that day you decided to be your own boss – to start your business? Anyone you shared this with would respond with comments such as: “You won’t have life. Your business will exhaust you. What are you thinking?”

I started my first business before I had my first child, and when the first of my three children was born, I knew without a doubt I did not want to miss anything. I made it a priority in my life to always plan my children’s activities, family time, vacations (and more) first and my business appointments second.

At times, this took a lot of effort, but it was possible. Now, I sit here with my youngest, only months away from turning 18-years-old, and I can look back and know I absolutely built my businesses around my life and didn’t miss out on any of it.

As someone that shows people how to reach 7-figures in their businesses, one of the first questions I ask is, “What does success in your business and life look like to you?” This question at times surprises them because they assume I would only focus on the success of their business – not their personal lives.

Each person has their own idea of what success is. It is important to recognize that you must know your own definition before setting your business and life on the road to success.

And it’s not that difficult, it just takes intention. Let’s walk through five ways you can build your business around your life:

1.Establish Clear Boundaries – With technology today, it can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Anyone can reach you at any time in multiple ways. Just because you receive a text from a client at 10 p.m. does not mean you’re required to respond. If you do respond, you have now set an expectation in that client’s mind that you will respond to them at any hour.

When you first start working with a client, make the days you work and the hours you work very clear upfront. If the client reaches out at all hours of the morning or night, choose not to respond until the set hours you stated to the client previously, creating a boundary. Obviously, some businesses do require a 24/7 response, but most do not.


2. Prioritize Your Day As an entrepreneur, you must prioritize your day. Create a to-do list that you must complete each day, keep it in front of you and focus on that list until the items are checked off and completed. Distractions will occur and fires will need to be put out at times, but it is your responsibility to know what to prioritize.

How many times have you looked back on your day and felt like you completed nothing? Your priority to-do list will help you feel accomplished at the end of your day.


3. Build a Successful Team – To be a successful entrepreneur, you must recognize where your time is spent in the most valuable way. The time that builds your business is the time that translates into profit. It is common for business owners to think they can do everything themselves.

This is just not possible, and you will not be spending your time wisely. I suggest looking at your business and making a list of all the moving pieces that translate into building a great team. In today’s wonderful world of technology, it is not required to hire full-time team members.

You can delegate out to part time or contract team members on an as needed basis. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun to work on the things you love all day in place of spending most of your time doing things you do not enjoy or those that don’t equal profit?


4. Create “You Time – When you work for someone, you know what days off you have and can plan family time, exercise, and spending time for yourself on that time off.  When you own your business, you must put these things on your calendar just as you would an appointment with an important client.

If you knew an important client was coming to town, you would make sure that time was set aside for that client. Just the same, you must do that with your time. Look out a month in advance and carve out time for the things that are most important to you. When a client asks if you can meet during one of those times, the easy thing to do would be to cancel your personal time.

What if instead, you let the client know you had an appointment during that time? It is not necessary to tell the client you are meeting your friend for coffee, or if you’re going to the gym. It is common that you will have other appointments, right?  If vacation is important to you, block off vacation time in your calendar months in advance and know it is set in stone. If you don’t put aside time for you, then it will not happen! Remember, self-care will help your business be more successful because you will not experience burnout in the long run.


5. Be a Business Expert – Education and learning are some of my favorite things. Why?  Because I am aware that I do not know everything. If there is a place in your business that you are lacking expertise or guidance, it is out there for you to learn. Reach out to a like-minded group in town or online. Is there someone you look up to in your business world that you can learn from? Are there classes you can take to increase the expertise you can offer your clients? What about hiring a business mentor? Accountability, support, expertise, and guidance are all things that will increase your business profits and take you to the next level. Make sure to always incorporate some type of support and/or education to continue to progress in your business.

These five things can allow you to have room to build your business around your life, not have your business run your life. If you take care of yourself, you’re a better leader, a better boss, a better partner and so on.

It may sound daunting at first, especially if you’re just getting started, but it is possible to have both a life and a business. Create those boundaries, continue to learn, outsource when you can, and enjoy what you’re doing. Always go back to your ‘why’ – the reason why you started your business in the first place. I’ve been doing it for 25+ years, and I promise you can, too!

Galit Ventura-Rozen, a sales success expert, has developed a signature process, the million-dollar mindset, that she uses to teach women to create wealth and find happiness in their own lives; creating more than $1B in sales. For more information, visit her website at

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