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5 Ways to Stay Sharp as an Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Stay Sharp as an Entrepreneur

If you’ve already launched a business, chances are you’re no slouch in the brain department.

But staying mentally agile isn’t guaranteed and the anxiety of being your own boss can sometimes clog those cognitive cogs.

If you want to keep those little grey cells in good working order, here are five ways to stay sharp as an entrepreneur.

Cognitive games

Most of us spend a lot of time online, but it’s questionable how much is intellectually stimulating.

However, cognitive games from Lumosity ( can be accessed any time from your phone and have been developed by scientists and computer games designers to enhance mental focus and problem-solving skills.

The company also claims that their digital puzzles are even more effective than traditional tests like crosswords.

Mindfulness apps

Mindfulness is a secular meditation technique based on Buddhist meditation that’s become extremely popular in recent years.

Mindfulness app Calm trains users to control anxiety through breathing exercises, dispel stress through meditation — and spend more time ‘in the moment’ rather than worrying about the past or future.

There are several mindfulness apps available, but Calm’s accessible and easy to integrate into your lifestyle.

Distance learning

You might be an expert in your entrepreneurial field — without necessarily having the business nous to keep your new enterprise afloat.

But studying with Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning in your own time allows you to earn a qualification like an MBA that’ll give you a firm foundation in finance, project management and entrepreneurial action.

It’s possible to fit online learning around work and family commitments and formal learning can bolster your leadership capabilities.

Concentrated learning

If you’re committed to lifelong corporate learning but simply don’t have the time to take in every crucial book and TED Talk, bite-sized insights from Blinkist could be the solution.

Blinkist members can read or listen to the key ideas from thousands of bestselling and influential non-fiction books concentrated into convenient 15-minute packages.

If you find a summarised book particularly appealing, you might choose to read the full version — otherwise this tool allows you to absorb and adopt the latest thought leadership amazingly quickly.


The ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ adage is a saving grace for many entrepreneurs — keeping on top of physical health and fitness ensures you’re in tip-top condition in the corporate arena.

If you prefer to work out on your own, there are many home workout routines that you can follow; simply search on YouTube.

And if you can encourage your workmates to follow suit, your entire team can outperform the competition.

Work-run clubs from Let’s Get Running ( are an excellent way to get the entire team outdoors during lunchbreaks, it boosts team spirit and is more cost-effective than a gym membership.

Experienced coaches work with each team member to develop training regimes suitable to their fitness levels, while still instilling a vital sense of teamwork.

Adopt any one of these five ways to stay sharp as an entrepreneur and you’ll be fit for the future of your business and every other aspect of your life.

What’s your favourite training activity? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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