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7 tips to prepare your online brand for Father’s Day shoppers

7 tips to prepare your online brand for Father’s Day shoppers

Father’s Day is the time of year when we honor all the fathers in our lives. We’re living through a rough time for businesses. But, if you’re a website owner, you can use this time to prepare your online brand for Father’s Day.

No matter what kind of website you have, you can benefit from preparing your online brand for Father’s Day. Even though it’s not as big of a time for shopping as the Christmas season, it’s still an important time of year. Below you’ll learn just how much money is spent buying gifts for dads (hint: it’s a lot).

By preparing your website the right way, you can take advantage of the holiday and see an influx of new traffic and even sales for your site.

The importance of Father’s Day

It’s easy to overlook, but Father’s Day is a huge time of the year when it comes to spending. Since 2009, Father’s Day spending has grown over 70 percent to reach $6.6 billion in annual spending.

The National Retail Federation found that most people looking for Father’s Day gifts want something unique and memorable. It isn’t just power tools and home improvement gifts anymore.

Some of the top gifts include things like trips and subscription boxes (the gift that keeps on giving). However, greeting cards still remain the most popular type of gift.

But even if you’re not selling these types of gifts or products, you can still position your site to take advantage of the holiday.

7 ways to prepare your online brand for Father’s Day

It can be difficult to come up with creative ways to get your website and online marketing strategies dialed-in for Father’s Day. It will take some work to get everything prepped, but hopefully, the ideas provided will help you get moving in the right direction.

  1. Use storytelling.
  2. Use audience data to run gift specials.
  3. Create a Father’s Day gift guide.
  4. Unlock the power of urgency for early buyers.
  5. Run a Father’s Day social media giveaway.
  6. Bundle products together for a “dad bundle.”
  7. Offer a Father’s Day discount.

Done the right way, you should see an influx of new traffic and customers, while building a deeper emotional connection with them.

1. Use storytelling

With Father’s Day, you have a great opportunity to create content that builds a bond with your visitors and customers.

For example, even if you have a small team you probably have some great stories about how your dad shaped your life, or maybe you’re a dad yourself.

These can make great content pieces and help to build a deeper relationship with your audience, all through emotion and story.

Even small stories and references are worth bringing to light. For example, Clif bar highlights the story that the company was actually named after his father Clifford.

It’s a brief mention in the About page, but it helps to humanize the company and bring it down to earth.


You don’t have to rewrite your entire About page, though. Instead, think about the kind of content you can create and stories you can tell.

For example, you can create an interview series where you do live interviews with all the dads at your company, or have your employees share heartwarming stories about their own childhoods.

This can be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, short videos or something else entirely. Think about what Father’s Day means to you and see if you can tie it into the story of your company, the products you produce or anything special you do for your employees and customers.

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2. Use audience data to run gift specials

If you have a more widespread audience, you’ll want to use your existing data to create more niche-focused offers.

Chances are, the dads who visit your site or are on your email list won’t all be interested in the same thing.


This is where list segmentation comes into play. If you have an email list, you can segment based upon interests, actions they’ve taken, and items they’ve bought in the past.

Father And Daughter Inspecting Leaf

This makes it much easier to give targeted product recommendations to people on your list: Instead of blasting out emails to everyone, you can offer product recommendations that match a person’s unique interests.

Think of this as a way to reach out to any dads who are interested in what you offer, so they can pass on your product recommendations to the rest of their family.

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3. Create a Father’s Day gift guide

If you’re stuck on trying to figure out what kind of content to create for the holiday, a holiday gift guide is always a solid option. You probably already create seasonal guides for Christmas and other major holidays. But there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing for Father’s Day as well.

Historically, it seems that dads are harder to shop for. Most moms are happy just receiving chocolate and flowers. But, dads can be a bit more challenging.

Here’s where your content comes to the rescue.


You create a gift guide that highlights some of the best gifts out there for dads. If you run an ecommerce store you can mention your products, but you’ll usually want to highlight other products as well.

You can even become an affiliate for these products, so you’ll earn a commission if someone does decide to purchase through your link.

You can also create gift guides for dads who like certain kinds of gifts. For example, “Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Are Always Tinkering in the Garage,” “Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love Sports,” or “Best Dad-Joke Gifts for Father’s Day.”

These guides can be humorous, but also make them useful. You’re acting as the guide for everyone struggling to find their dad a unique and creative gift they’ll love.

If you’re looking for even more content ideas, then you can go beyond gift guides as well. For instance, the best holidays go beyond the gifts and are more about the experiences and memories.

So, you can create a series of dad-focused blog posts, for example:

  • Try these 7 mouth-watering recipes your dad will love
  • 15 fun dad activities to do this Father’s Day
  • 7 Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a dime
  • A brief history of Father’s Day: how this special day came to be

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4. Unlock the power of urgency for early buyers

It might be hard to believe, but not everyone waits until the last minute to buy gifts. That’s why you’ll want to plan your promotions and the changes you’re going to be making to your website ahead of time.

With Father’s Day, you can run your promotions, discounts, and bundles even a month before the holiday gets here.


This allows you to slowly drip out your content and promotions until people are in the buying mood. This way, you catch people to start thinking about Father’s Day, and can still target the people who plan and buy their gifts early.

One way to create urgency around the sales you’re running is with a countdown timer. You can create a timer that counts down until the holiday, or if you’re running an early bird sale, you can pair the timer with that.

It depends on your overall goals. Similar to winter holiday specials, you can create a new discount for each week leading up to Father’s Day. This can help bring in earlier sales versus waiting for all the last-minute buyers.

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5. Run a Father’s Day social media giveaway

Baby Reaching For Father’s Sunglasses

People are spending more time than ever on social media. The average American spends nearly 2 hours per day scrolling through their feeds.

You can capitalize on this by combining the need to scroll with an enticing giveaway.


Social media contests and giveaways are not only a great way to build buzz, but they can also help to grow your social media accounts and send more traffic back to your website.

You have a lot of options for the type of social media contest you’re going to run. For example, you can have people share their best dad stories or images with your company hashtag and then you choose a winner based on what gets the best response.

Or, you can create a giveaway filled with awesome products for Father’s Day and promote this across social media. Then, you’ll create a set of conditions that people need to follow to enter the contest.

For example, for people to enter your contest they’ll need to follow you, tag a friend in the comments, and join your email list.

The exact entry conditions you choose depend upon your goals. Are you trying to grow your email list? Drive traffic to your website? Grow your followers on social media? Or, are you trying to move more products over the holiday?

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6. Bundle products together for a “dad bundle”

If you have a lot of leftover inventory that you can’t seem to move, consider bundling it with other popular products. You can call this your “dad bundle” or “Father’s Day bundle.”

Do you have any products in your store that can be grouped to create the ultimate gift for dads?

For example, if you run a shaving and beard based ecommerce store you can group a handful of products together to create gift bundles. These can be things like “The Bearded Dad Gift Bundle,” “The Clean Shaven Dad Gift Bundle,” and more.

Once you create your bundle (or a series of bundles) it’s time to showcase them across your site. If you have a homepage slider, make sure this is your core focus. Not only are these products grouped together to complement each other perfectly, but they’re offered for a discount as well.

Position your product bundle as the only thing your customers will need to buy their dads for Father’s Day.

Also, don’t forget to promote your product bundles across social media and to your email list.

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7. Offer a Father’s Day discount

If you’re selling physical or digital products, offering a Father’s Day discount is always a great way to go.

It’s simple, easy, and can be done at the last minute. All you need to do is create a coupon code for your store and promote it on your website, across social media and to your email list.

The holidays tend to sneak up on all of us, and if Father’s Day is approaching, create a coupon and you’re good to go.

If you don’t want to offer a pricing discount on your products, you can always offer a free shipping coupon. Shipping price and speed is one of the biggest driving forces for online shopping.

So, if you normally charge for shipping, you can greatly reduce buyer friction with a free shipping coupon. The effect that Amazon has on the ecommerce market is huge, and we’ve grown accustomed to free two-shipping.

Keep in mind that as you’re running different Father’s Day promotions, creating content and sharing across social media, it might not lead to more sales right away.

Most people tend to buy gifts at the last minute, so if you are continuously marketing, you’ll start to see a rise in sales the closer it gets to the actual day (or the shipping cutoff to have products delivered in time).

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Make this Father’s Day the most profitable yet!

Hopefully, the tips above will help you prepare your online brand for Father’s Day. Not only will you be able to build a deeper bond with your customers and readers, but hopefully you’ll see an increase in sales or website income too!

You don’t have to implement every tip above. Simply pick one or two strategies that are in line with your goals and how you want to market your ecommerce store or website this holiday.

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