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Biz 1on1 TV Show Making Entrepreneurs the Stars

Biz 1on1 TV Show Making Entrepreneurs the Stars

What’s it REALLY like to grow a business? What kinds of personalities lead the high growth companies that REALLY drive economic growth? Viewers of Bloomberg TV Canada and Amazon Video Direct around the world have been getting those answers as host Randy Lennon goes 1on1 with some of North America’s most fascinating entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives.

Biz 1on1 is now casting for its second season and is a great example of success through simplicity. As its title suggests, the show features simple, one on one interviews between a business personality and Randy Lennon. A life-long entrepreneur himself, as well as a television and radio personality, comedian, political advisor, recording artist manager, NHL executive, investment banker and oh yeah, police officer, Randy is quite the personality himself. Because of his diverse background and having scrambled to make the payroll more than once along his 40-year path in business, his guests are immediately in a “comfort zone” on the stark, stylized, all white Biz 1on1 set.

“Every business has a story to tell,” says Lennon, a Canadian entrepreneur who was the Johnny Carson of his hometown Edmonton, Alberta in the 80’s and has dabbled in all aspects of the radio and television business since. “On this show, we bring on the most fascinating business owners and corporate executives to bring those stories to life. I can assure you, we’ve never had a boring interview!”

And all those interviews, long and short form are archived on the comprehensive Biz 1on1 website along with profiles and pictures of the guests. The site is fast becoming a video version of LinkedIn as all the guests are connected and it is an archive for what will eventually be hundreds of hours of searchable video for business students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and the 80% of the population who wish they could be their own boss.

“Today, it’s all about video content,” explains Lennon who is also the founder of the emerging international media company that produces the show, Visland Media. “Ask a 15-year-old how something works and he does not go to Google. He goes to YouTube. If your web and social media aren’t video based today you are a dinosaur company. It’s as simple as that.”

If you’d like to apply to be a guest on Biz 1on1 or find out more, click here.

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