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Book Review: Get Different – How to Improve Your Marketing

Book Review: Get Different – How to Improve Your Marketing

Small business author Mike Michalowicz believes steadfastly in the entrepreneurial dream. Even as we all head further into the global and local economic problems created by the coronavirus pandemic, Mike still believes you can succeed. Now is the time to trail ahead. And with over half a million readers of his books and four multi-million dollar companies under his belt, chances are good that if Mike thinks so, it might be a good thing to do.

Of course, keep in mind that nothing is really perfect. Mike hasn’t always succeeded. Along with his successful companies, he has also launched ten businesses that failed, lost his house once, and departed with his entire fortune twice, among other major setbacks.

So, he knows your pain. In line with this, he wants to help steer you in the right direction to avoid common entrepreneurial pitfalls, and one major way to do this, he says, is by engaging in the right marketing.

Mike Michalowicz’s new book Get Different details how what sets you apart from your competition, and how telling everyone about it can be your key to success.

How Do You Deliberately Drive Opportunity Our Way?

Entrepreneurial poverty is a real thing. In order to help push your business in the right direction, effective small business marketing is a must. After speaking with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, Mike said he discovered that for most people, their primary source of leads is from client referrals. In fact, almost about 90% of people say they get their customers this way.

This means, if referrals ever dry up, you could be in deep trouble. Because of this, drawing in customers through effective marketing is paramount. Your marketing must differentiate you and not be simply “white noise”.

“Do something that’s different from your competition to that same user set,” Mike says.

If you market your product or service in the same way as your competition, you blend into the background.

“Whatever is best practice in your industry is actually something you should be avoiding,” he explains.

The DAD Principle

If it’s DAD approved, you know it’s good. That’s the philosophy Mike is touting in Get Different.


Once you pinpoint what sets you apart from the competition, (which is a major step), you can then focus on attracting your customers and directing them to what you want them to do. Small business marketing is different from that of big businesses as a small business doesn’t usually have the time and money to invest in something called brand awareness.

Because of this, each piece of small business marketing needs to include a call-to-action that directs the consumer to do something. Should they follow you on Facebook for more deals? Do you want them to take advantage of a limited-time discount now on offer?

Direct your customers in your marketing by informing them about what action you want them to take.

Mike emphasizes that you don’t need to be loud or ridiculous to get people’s attention. You should simply point out what makes you different. Stay authentic to yourself in your message for the best results.

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