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Creating a Customer Avatar in 3 Steps

Creating a Customer Avatar in 3 Steps

Welcome back to the Lifecycle Marketing series. Last week we introduced the concept of Collecting Leads as the first part in the Lifecycle Marketing model. As you may remember, this process has three phases of its own—Targeting, Attracting, and Capturing leads. Today we’re going to dig into the phase of Targeting, which begins with the foundations of identifying your market, the creation of a Customer Avatar.

If you’ve never heard the term before, a Customer Avatar is basically your ideal target customer—also known as a buyer persona. It’s the person you have in mind when you are developing the language on your website and the flavor of your newsletter and emails. Basically, your customer avatar is who you are talking to whenever you create any kind of marketing materials.

A clearly defined customer avatar will help you to identify the right channels to narrow down your audience into the perfect niche market. Taking the time to do this properly will help you use your advertising and marketing budget more efficiently and make sure that you are appealing to the people who will benefit the most from what your business has to offer.


Who is Your Customer?

It’s easy to create a Customer Avatar. You start by asking a series of questions that drill down to the essence of who they are. This identity is directly related to how your product or service will impact or improve their life, and it will help you determine the specific character of your target audience.

  1. Where are they located?
  2. How old are they?
  3. To which generation do they belong?
  4. What is their relationship status?
  5. What is their highest level of education?
  6. What is their job title?
  7. How much money do they make in a year?
  8. Do they own or rent?
  9. What’s the size of their family?

What are Your Customer’s Interests?

Once you are clear on who they are, the next step is gauging their interests.

  1. What types of hobbies do they enjoy?
  2. What are their favorite movies and television shows?
  3. Do they like to read?
  4. Do they like to travel?
  5. What kinds of art and music do they appreciate?

Of course, you can customize these questions to gather the type of information that is most relevant to the type of product or service your business provides.

What are Your Customer’s Buying Behaviors?

You’ll also want to identify their shopping behaviors.

  1. Where do they shop?
  2. How often do they shop?
  3. What types of things are they most likely to buy?

The most effective client avatars are created with information based on market research as well as information that you gather from your current customer base. You can accomplish this by using surveys, adding custom tracking pixels to your website, or conducting customer interviews.

Creating a detailed Customer Avatar will not only help you understand how your customers will respond to the right product at the right time, but it will help you advertise to them more effectively by knowing which social media platforms they use. All of this information will be invaluable in helping you target the right people on the right channels with the right content and better meet your customers’ needs.

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