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Defining the Customer Funnel: Awareness

Defining the Customer Funnel: Awareness



Defining the Customer Funnel: Awareness

Raven Brajdic, Content Writer @


When a potential customer first comes across your brand, they are unknowingly entering the first stage of the content marketing funnel: Awareness.

At this stage, your content should be guided by the notion that your customer knows absolutely nothing about the product or service that you’re offering. This makes it your responsibility to make them aware of your brand and educate them on your value.

First impressions are everything. Here’s how to use your content to create a positive one that generates new leads and converts casual browsers into future customers.

Test a Few Methods

Don’t assume that you need to try every single type of content in order to capture your audience. Instead, use knowledge of your current audience and buyer habits to determine what kind of topic they’re more likely to respond to, and test a few relevant types of content from there.

Some effective types of content to start experimenting with include blogs, social media posts, and email newsletters. These different mediums are cost-effective to experiment with and are the most popular types that customers interact with and generate awareness.

Remember to Measure Performance

Now that you’ve created content, make sure that you are measuring the impact of each type to gauge how it’s resonating with your audience. Don’t make the mistake of putting this part off until later, or else you’ll be missing out on useful analytics that can clue you in to ineffective methods sooner.

Ask yourself whether your target audience is viewing your content, interacting with it, and sharing it with others. How long are they staying on your page? Are they navigating away from your website after viewing just one page, or are they continuing to read other pages? Take advantage of tools like Google Analytics to gain insight into these metrics, and don’t be afraid to pivot your strategy if you determine it’s not garnering the traction you’re after.

Don’t Be Overly Promotional

Of course, your customer needs to know the value of your company while researching solutions to their problem. However, they do not want to read overly-promotional content that offers them no true value.

For example, if you are a real estate agent trying to acquire more clients, you could try:

  • Writing a blog post about easy DIY projects customers can complete around the house in order to increase home value
  • Short video that explains complex real estate concepts or breaks down the buying process for first-time homebuyers
  • Hosting a webinar for those interested in a short sale for their home or how to sell their home quickly

Your goal should be to educate your customer, generate awareness and be a helpful resource on their problem without trying to push your product or service on them.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth is important for your brand.  A 2017 poll on referral marketing found that 82% of Americans considering a purchase seek out recommendations from friends and family. To increase the number of eyes on your content, make it worth sharing. Include eye-catching images and easy-to-digest infographics, add social share buttons to your blog posts, and share your content on social media.

As the first part of the marketing funnel, the awareness stage is important for demonstrating the value of your product or service, building a relationship with a potential customer, and positioning yourself as a valuable resource. The key to making a good first impression includes making your content worthwhile, shareable, and effective for your brand.

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