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Five Ways to Respond to Online Reviews

Five Ways to Respond to Online Reviews

Do your customers provide feedback about your products or services? Today, lots of customers offer feedback on all of the stores, businesses and professionals they deal with each day. That’s why many business owners and other professionals are taking advantage of online review monitoring services. Consider some common types of customer feedback and how to respond to it as a business owner who wants to flourish.

Why It’s Important to Respond to Customer Reviews

Whether it’s a negative review or a positive one, it’s a good idea for you to post a response. Your reasonable response is a signal to the person who wrote the review as well as others scanning the reviews that you’re a business owner who cares about the experience of each customer. Plus, it shows that you are aware of the reviews and they are not simply falling on deaf ears.

Offer Contact Information to Customers

If you see a negative review from a customer, it’s necessary to offer a response to prove you are dedicated to making every customer’s experience a good one. Perhaps the person was not offered assistance while looking for an item in the store or received slow service at checkout. No matter the complaint, you can offer an apology as well as your contact information in the form of an email address. With courteous communication, you can turn a negative review into a positive outcome. Let the person know you want to make amends for their poor experience. This is an excellent way to show customers their experience was not the norm and you want to make things right.

Enhance a Positive Review

A positive review that points out a specific product is an opportunity for you to advertise a similar one. For example, if you own a pet supply store and the customer compliments a particular type of dog food you sell, you can point out a new flavor of that dog food that is soon to be available in your store. The person sees the note about the new flavor along with all of the other people scanning the reviews of your business.

Thank Customers for Visiting

Oftentimes, if customers have a great experience in your store or business, they will leave a positive review. Just because it’s a positive review doesn’t mean you can’t respond to it. Thank the customers for visiting the store or business and express your interest in seeing them again. This is an easy way to let them know you appreciate them!

Provide an Explanation for Level of Service

Sometimes there is a legitimate reason for the level of service in a store or business to be lower than usual. For instance, maybe you own a grocery store that is being remodeled. The remodeling project is making it necessary to move items to different locations either temporarily or permanently. If a customer provides feedback stating they couldn’t find what they needed, you can apologize and explain the changes made due to the remodeling. Take it a step further by inviting the customer back and asking them to visit the customer service desk to meet with someone who will help them find whatever they need in the new store setup.

Invite a Customer Back on a Particular Day

If you encounter a negative review from a customer via your CX platform, apologize and invite them back to visit. Suggest a particular day when a great sale is happening, or a new line of products is being introduced. Entice the customer to give your business another try and suggest a day when they could really get a bargain. Lastly, monitoring customer reviews is an excellent way to maintain a favorable reputation in your industry. Reviews give you the opportunity to interact with customers and garner new ones in the process.

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