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From Local Car Salesman To Global Motivational Personality – Glenn Lundy

From Local Car Salesman To Global Motivational Personality – Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy is a former car salesman, who today, hosts one of the largest shows inspiring people to live better lives.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, you soon might.

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Glenn’s a source of inspiration, and has developed dynamic, actionable ideas with proven success, and has a growing presence online.

He once found himself homeless, penniless, and without a friend in sight.

In a deep depression, Lundy even tried to take his own life but God had other plans for him.

He’s gone from being a successful car salesman in Kentucky, to building a high-end a mastermind for car dealer owners to founding a movement to help people change the way they start their day so they can make a massive impact in their lives.

Lundy is an extremely successful automotive industry expert, a father to 8 children, a husband to one wife, and a man with many interests who wants to help others.

He started his rise to success in the auto sales industry by turning a small used car dealership based in Lexington, Kentucky into the second-largest business of its kind in the US.

Under Lundy’s leadership, the dealership experienced an 800% growth leap, going from selling about 120 cars a month to over 800 monthly.

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The 800% Club

In reference to his first round of success, today Lundy runs a membership group called the 800% Elite Automotive Club.

He no longer works directly in the retail side of the car sales industry and has transformed himself into a motivational influencer, show host, speaker, author and more!

Lundy teaches dealership owners and general managers how to better scale their volume, retain employees, become more profitable, and improve the overall culture in their dealership.

The 800% Club has retreats every few months filled with outdoor fun and adventure along with the chance to have some one-on-one advice from Lundy.

This whole new business sprang from the fact that, as he worked selling cars in the industry, Lundy noticed something prominent was missing. Car dealership employees of different levels receive training but the owners and managers don’t. In fact, Lundy says, 70% of dealerships in the US are owned by people who inherited their family’s business.

Many have never received any formal, outside training on how to run their business at all. In some cases, this can result in untapped potential and areas left for much improvement.

Lundy says that to be successful, a business should turn the typical business flow on its head.

Don’t focus on generating dollars. Instead, he says you should:

  • Hire and fire on character, not credentials
  • Promote people with the right traits, not based on sales performance
  • Help employees work on self-improvement by reading books and attending seminars
  • Use the LEADD philosophy to open your dealership every day

If you do so, Lundy says success is very likely to follow!


LEADD is Lundy’s acronym that stands for Listen, Encourage, Advice, Develop, and Daily.

He says to run a successful business, as a manager you need to lead properly and with car sales, this starts with the opening of the dealership each day. Get a great morning routine. The manager or owner should be first in the building. Turn on inspirational or relaxing music to set the tone.

Then, listen to employees as they walk in the building. How was their night? Was it a good weekend? What struggles are they dealing with? These are areas you can focus on with them one-on-one. Finding their motivating factors will help them, and your business, grow.


Next, take time to boost your team. This could take place in a daily morning meeting. Highlight and encourage the behaviors you want to see more of. If someone has helped others around the dealership, thank them publicly. Point it out, even the small stuff. Celebrate the good things. Positive reinforcement gets better results than negative information, every time. Don’t just focus on sales achievements. Focus on multiple areas of your business and who is doing positive things in them that you want to see more of.


Once you have listened and encouraged, it’s an appropriate time to offer a bit of advice, otherwise known as “negative feedback”. It will be better received after a positive start. It now sounds like caring, Lundy says. Is someone forgetting to lock the doors at night? Address the issue now.


Finally, take time to help your employees grow. Tell them how to do the same things many times. You are there to coach. People won’t get things right immediately. Help your team develop their strengths and weaknesses and make sure they walk out of the morning meeting each day knowing something they didn’t know before. Focus on teaching one item for one week at a time. Repetition is key.


Overall, it’s important to remember to do all this daily. And to take it beyond your business. Lundy says you should engage in LEADD with your spouse, your partner, and your kids and you will find you build stronger relationships. He feels people will then feel seen and heard, and results can come more quickly than you might think. It’s all about fostering self-development.

Who are these tips for? Lundy says they’re for anyone who feels like they are not living to their full potential. If you want to focus on personal development, check it out!

Glenn Lundy has truly transformed his life and those of others and has much to offer. His leadership insights can be found on his webpage,, and through his #RiseAndGrind Apple podcast.

Join Glenn and 100 plus hosts as they share daily content on Breakfast with Champions, on Clubhouse

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