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Get Your Site Noticed with a Digital Makeover

Get Your Site Noticed with a Digital Makeover

Is your website not receiving the clicks or engagement you feel it deserves? Have you spent time, effort and money redesigning only to find your traction isn’t increasing? Attracting users must be done strategically; consider how they can receive information, news and updates from you in a way that is creative and lets them in on who you are and what your brand stands for. Do this digitally by regularly posting video content and blogs, and directing users to your site by means of a strong social media presence; it will get your audience interested. Partnering with a capable web host in tandem can also help to boost your SEO, and get your site seen.

Creative Content Matters

Ask yourself what you can post to make users keep coming back; can you introduce a weekly vlog, blog, or podcast that discusses a topic of importance to the industry or your community, or an upcoming business initiative? Can you interview various members of your enterprise about what projects they’re working on with the company? Can you put the spotlight on a specific product or service? Can you also offer up a space on your website for others in the industry to write guest pieces and use it as an opportunity to cross-promote? If you want to create a digital presence for your company your website should be the hub for all activities as an engaged user can later become an engaged customer.

Do Not Neglect Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn are social media platforms that can be used to your company’s advantage when trying to engage your current network and attract new users. New users can be reached out to organically when your immediate audience shares your content, however, ads and sponsored posts can also reach a wider audience. They’re helpful if you’re promoting a specific conversation occurring on your site or in your industry, and when you have sales or new events coming up as well.

How The Right Web Host Can Help

Businesses relying on a carefully crafted and consistent online presence need a web host they can trust, one that will offer them guaranteed uptimes, and prompt service should any network issues arise. HostPapa is a Canadian hosting service that ensures your website is always available, and for those whose audiences are primarily using Canadian search engines, domain and page authority are boosted awarding these sites with higher rankings. Finally, this host helps keep your information safe from hackers and identity thieves; they even help you prevent disaster with automated back up and restore.

A digital makeover does not only concern layout, graphics, and design – it’s also about transforming the way digital content is used to get those who are browsing intrigued, and following the company’s work. It’s about that following growing with every link they share on social media, leading new prospective users, readers, customers and clients to your webpage. It’s also about building trust and reliability for your customer-base, achieved by partnering with a strong web host who will monitor its networks thoroughly to ensure your site stays running securely no matter what.

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