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God and Business, Pricing and Podcasting – with Tamra Andresss

God and Business, Pricing and Podcasting – with Tamra Andresss

Ramon’s recent podcast interview featured the multifaceted Tamra Andress, a self-described “entrepreneur, purpose activator, brand and business designer, podcaster, illuminator, and your ‘business bestie’”. Andress has years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and after taking time away from her paid work to be with her children, she developed a sense of longing for a deeper purpose and calling beyond her usual retail businesses.

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Turning to her Christian roots, Andress decided to become an ordained minister. Once this was accomplished, however, learning how to share her knew-found wisdom with the world wasn’t easy.  A typical progression leading to heading up a congregation in a church setting wasn’t for her. And her passion for entrepreneurship and small business kept beckoning her back.

What happened? The result is what Andress does today: she inspires you to grow your business and to be successful while keeping God in the picture.

Here’s a brief run down of what Andress has to share from why she took the leap, to tips on setting your prices and why you should get into podcasting, among other things.

 God and Business

 Andress says she didn’t know she would ever blend her faith with her business. She had been an entrepreneur for a decade and always believed that god existed, but didn’t think of combining the two.

“I had two businesses that I let go when I was 29…At that time in my life I was at one of those forks in the road…It was really a hard decision to let go of a nine figure contract, and to let go of what was my college project that had turned into a successful business,” she says.  But something had to change. What she was doing didn’t cut it, for her.

Andress says she’s now found a space in which she thrives, and works with people of all backgrounds and beliefs (and non-beliefs) in her faith based business. As a believer but not a “bible thumper”, Andress sees herself as a conduit of God’s energy, and asks her clients, as a beginning, from where do you get your joy?

Pricing and Selling to Your Community (While Still Making a Living)

One of the tricky things about being an entrepreneur is wanting to make a profit, but also wanting to help your community of friends and family. It can be tempting to want to give things away for a low price, or for free.

Andress’s point of view is this: always think about the valuation of what you offer. To get where you are today you’ve invested in things like therapy, schooling, time, and relationships. So, is what you share worth more than the price of a $25 coffee mug? Most likely.

What you sell is less about the transactional value of the thing than it is about what happens AFTER the transaction.

“You sell me a watch, and I never miss an appointment again,” Andress says. “I wake up feeling better today because I like how it looks when wearing it…You have to make some money to serve others.”

Tips on Podcasting

Andress says podcasting is an amazing entry point for sharing your work with the world. She recommends video podcasting (vodcasting). You can connect deeply with your audience when they can see you and curate a lot of extra content from just one podcast episode.

Live streaming software like StreamYard can allow you to broadcast live on multiple online channels like YouTube and Facebook, simultaneously.

In addition, always transcribe your podcasts and share the transcription online. Do this to rank higher in Google. Google’s algorithms read content and don’t listen to it, so in order to rank well, you need to transcribe your audio. Services like HappyScribe can do this for you.

Tamra Andress has many other bits of wisdom that can be found by listening to Ramon’s podcast, and by checking out her website,

Her new book, Always Be Coming will be released in October 2021.

(Article written by the Smart Hustle editorial team)

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